Burn in Noise - We Stand [Vinyl + Art Card + CD]


Side A
Boom ft. Altruism
Side B
The Future ft. Electric Universe
A New Dawn
Insane ft. Tristan
Side C
We Stand
Side D
Who Are We ft. Ace Ventura
The Sentient Fungi ft. Desert Dwellers

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Burn in Noise


  • Artist : Burn in Noise
  • Label : NANO RECORDS
  • Format : 2 x 12" (140g)
  • Sleeve : Gatefold
  • CountryBrazil
  • GenresPsyTranceTrance
  • Estimated shipping dateOctober 2023


Released in 2020, Burn in Noise's album 'We Stand' brought psychedelic good vibes to the world when we needed it most!
To celebrate this amazing album once more and that of the amazing artwork ("Terra Cuda") that adorned the cover by none other than visionary artist Android Jones, we are planning to create a limited edition run of the album on two vinyls housed in a stunning double gatefold cover, with a very special 30cm x 30cm Art Card featuring the cover art too.
All carefully remastered for vinyl by Mind Spin Mastering.

'We Stand' Together.
'We Stand' as One!

This is the message Burn in Noise proclaims to the global psychedelic tribe with his album "We Stand".

Inspired by his international travels, numerous performances and unflinching desire to find the most mind-opening sounds, Burn in Noise presents an album of pure unadulterated psychedelic class, a Masterpiece in sonic travelling that reaches for the brightest future and activates consciousness at every technicolour turn.

Heartfelt attention to the finer details carries across the entire album as we get immersed into Burn in Noise's amazing solo creations, plus collaborations with some very special friends. Altruism, Ace Ventura, Tristan, Electric Universe and Desert Dwellers each make notable appearances on this album and help showcase how effortlessly Burn in Noise can slip-and-slide his unique sounds between the varied styles of these amazing artists.

Beyond the auditory collaborations Burn in Noise is also very happy to collaborate with the ground breaking visionary artist, Android Jones, whose artwork 'Terra Cuda' has been used as the album's powerful cover art.

'We Stand' is a perfectly crafted collection of musical moments that will transport you to new places within yourself, while uniting so many around you. United, We Stand!

Original Cover Art by Android Jones.

Final Mix and Master by Mind Spin Mastering.

Reigning Brazilian master, Burn in Noise is undoubtedly one of the most influential Psytrance producers of recent years, with the chart success to prove it!

Before there was 'Burn in Noise', Gustavo Manfroni grew up dedicating his time and interest completely to music. He has been playing the guitar since a young age, and played in two rock bands, until a fateful day during a trip to London where he stumbled upon the magical sounds of psychedelic trance music.

His interest in electronic music grew fast and at the end of 1999 he started buying software for producing music. Guitars and band life were put aside as computers and studio time took over. With an individual style focusing on strong warm basslines and textured psychedelic leads, his music broke away from the standard full on psytrance, and help set a new standard for the genre, a fresh direction in dancefloor music.

In 2008 Gustavo joined forces with legendary UK producer Dickster (Dick Trevor / Green Nuns of the Revolution), to form "Circuit Breakers". With many top selling EPs and an album "Fragmented Reality" released on Nano Records, and many more still on the way, Circuit Breakers has become a force all its own, and is yet another feather in Gustavo's creative cap.

Burn in Noise is also one part of Infinitti Gritti (Dickster & Ajja) and Undefined Behavior (Ajja)