Mesmerising - Mesmerising


Side A
Side B
UVB - 76 4625 KHZ


  • Artist : Mesmerising
  • Label : Evalabel Records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryItaly
  • GenresExperimentalProg RockArt Rock
  • Estimated shipping dateDecember 2023


A new single for a story of over 7 minutes. A wonderful and evocative journey, with constant mood swings, as the singer-songwriter himself, Davide Moscato aka Mesmerizing, has got us used to.
After 3 active albums in English and a single in Italian two years ago, he returns with this new work which will be released only in vinyl format and will not be available through digital stores, except on Bandcamp, Rockit, and on Youtube when it will be released. a video clip.
This choice by its author is probably to give greater prominence to the piece, which was written and produced only for real listeners, only for those who still have the pleasure of listening to music through physical media, for those who still love letting themselves go through the notes, and get emotional from start to finish of the song.
The song sees the presence of two illustrious names, Andrea Amati who worked for Sony and Warner Music, writing successful singles for established songwriters, and collaborated in drafting the text.
After participating in the 2020 album, Martin Grice of Delirium returns to sax and flute.
The text was inspired by the book Black Elk Speaks, the story of an old Sioux sorcerer about the most tragic period in the history of his people, but also about everything we lose along the path of our existence, whether it is something insignificant or of the most important thing of all.
Musically it is a very particular Progressive Rock, continuously changing, in the musical tempo and in the bpm, made up of simple and compound tempos.
A piece to be discovered little by little entitled Soundscape, which means sound landscape, that is, in the words of whoever coined this term, the composer Raymond M. Schafer, it is "any field of acoustic study, a radio program or an environment ”.
On side B, we find the piece entitled UVB - 76 4625 KHZ, a very particular piece, only musical, full of strange effects and with an Aphex Twin-style atmosphere, and played exclusively by its author with the Korg Volka Modular synthesizer.
The title, and the central part of the piece, refer to a mysterious Soviet radio which has existed since the days of the cold war, but which, apart from sporadic occasions, has never transmitted anything except short and monotonous buzzes repeated 25 times a minute.
These sporadic occasions have been inserted into the piece.
Soundscape was recorded between Pocket Studio with Fabio Vaccaro and Andrea Amati, and Big Tree Studio in Brescia.
Side B was recorded in its author's home studio and mixed and mastered at the BigMic Studio in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN).

Davide Moscato is an Italian indie singer/ songwriter, he was born in southern Italy on the first of May 1977.
He grows up listening to English rock music of the ’70s as Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple... He plays self-educated piano and autodidactic singer with a tenor range vocal and an original falsetto style.
He played with some good and popular rock band in his town and now is working as a performer singer in many Resorts in Italy and all around the world.
In 2012 he recorded his first solo album with the Italian indie label, Seahorse Recordings, the name of the cd’s The golden dawn of the tramp, with 10 tracks inside written by him of Alternative rock music.
The single, Don’t get wrong your love, gets much passage in many radio programs and it was included in an important collection of the indie artist by the press office Sfera Cubica.

The second disc is a concept album with 8 tracks about mental blockage and it is called Mental Maze. The new single song is Crossing the infinity, also it’s included in the important disc collection ‘Music? no control’, with many radio passages. In December 2015, this song is edit as the first single for Itunes. In January 2016, Crossing the infinity wins the first place in the Alternative Rock category for the U.S. Akademia Music Awards in Florida. Also, the second track, From the ashes, wins in October, the Akademia in the same category. In November D. Moscato has been in tour in New York for 10 days. The Album is available by Seahorse Recordings (ITA) and Custom Made Music (U.S.A.). Since February 2017 these two songs are in the Euro Indie Music Chart. In June 2018 a short tour in London. In March 2019, the video clip From the ashes won the LJDNRadio Award in the Pop/Rock category.
In June 2020 Davide edited, for the Lizard Records, his third album, The Clutters Storyteller, with the famous indie musician/producer Fabio Zuffanti and Martin Grice, from the Delirium band.For
For this album, Davide, adopts the name of Mesmerising.
There are 10 emotional and evocative songs of Progressive Rock, but with a singer-songwriter pure style.
This album received many positive reviews from Magazines all over the world, also from Rockerilla, Classic Rock, and many radios play everywhere.
In April 25 2021, Mesmerising realized a single song in italian, L’Inizio dell’Ultimo Quarto, for the compilation ‘O Sarai Ribelle O Non Sarai’, edited by Hellbones Records.
In June 2022, the new single is called Shooting star, an Alternative Rock song.