Bruno Pronsato - Contact In Tokyo


Side A
Part. 1
Bruno Pronsato
Side B
Part. 2
Bruno Pronsato
Side C
Part. 3
Bruno Pronsato
Side D
Part. 4
Bruno Pronsato


  • Artist : Bruno Pronsato
  • Format : 2 x 12" (140g)
  • GenresElectronic
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Bruno Pronsato's productions often appear very sophisticated, almost avant-garde for an advised audience and have influenced a large part of the techno minimalist producers of the past two decades. An artist with incredible talent who breaks the barriers of the genre. What we know less about Bruno Pronsato are his live performances which, unlike his productions, are accessible and generous.
Groove and sexy lives to dance. The idea of this disc was to show this side of Bruno. This disc was recorded live during a concert at the legendary Club Contact in Tokyo with Fumiya Tanaka. While recorded live this record remains good Dj tool. This record also marks the return of Logistic records after almost 10 years of absence.

The label was founded in 1996 by Alexandre Petit and Eric Dalbin and has since been joined by Gilles Garnier in charge of digital development.

Logistic Records is an independent music label that focuses primarily on electronic techno and house music influenced by Chicago, Detroit and Berlin, groove is at the center of each of the label's productions.

With a discography of nearly 200 references, Logistic Records had the pleasure of producing albums by pioneering artists such as Robert Hood, Daniel Bell, Atom Heart, James Taylor as well as collaborating with talented composers such as John Thomas, Ark, Cabanne, Ben Nevile, Pit Spector or Bruno Pronsato.

From another collaboration with Cabanne was born in 1999 Telegraph a sub-label dedicated to productions with slower grooves and more complex sound textures. Productions intended to be played by djs in clubs.

Today, the label is opening up to other genres such as hip-hop, notably with the release in 2021 of the album “Keith’s Salon” by New York rap legend Kool Keith.