H2H - 98 Years


Side A
98 Years (Main Mix)
98 Years (Club mix)
Side B
Kokoro Kara (remix by Days in Orbit)
98 Years (Bonus mix)


  • Artist : H2H
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
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H2H is the thriving, most wondrous planet of Chez Damier & the firmly formed, ever-so bright moon of Ben Vedren. They are stand-alone giants in our world. We have seen their respective forces in their solo careers.
As a duo, they’ve been around this universe before — dipping out of the heavens briefly for cosmic shows on Logistic (98 years) and paired up with the meteor shower that is Ricardo Villalobos on Perlon as Villa H2H.
Logistic is proud to present this outstanding single 12” gathering two new, brilliant tracks from these two.
On “Cry,” It may be the passing flock of birds that glues this piece together. With each procession their cries denote a new plot in this serpentine story. The book begins with a rhythm section so tight it has no need for variation - a contrabass, a bongo slap, and a kick so deep earth’s core takes note. There are vocals, not one but two: a rhythmic male chatter placed under a soaring female vocal line. Just as you settle in, the birds wander through again. This time we are gripped with a synth line so glorious it embraces you like an old friend. Now, we are committed… and then the birds pass again…A horn section? Yes! A trombone, a sax? We could go on, but why read the last page of the book for you?
“No More” is what we expect from a b-side -- something contemplative, a shift in pace. So, as we recline into the massive sofa that is “No More,” we are rested by the thoughtful shuffle of its humble beginnings. We find ourselves transfixed on a gentle synth stab, then a warm, comforting vocal peeks in just to let us know that this isn’t over yet. These elements dip in and out bolstered by a Rhodes piano that is just enough to keep us wanting more until the next time...THIS is what is meant by perfect endings.