Robin Mansanti - Nuit Américaine (CD)


L'étang (Paul Misraki)
Robin Mansanti
Moonlight Serenade (Gleen Miller/Mitchell Parish)
Robin Mansanti
Two For The Road (Henry Mancini/Leslie Bricusse)
Robin Mansanti
Stranger in paradise (Robert Wright/ George Forest)
Robin Mansanti
New York Herald Tribune (Martial Solal)
Robin Mansanti (Feat. Camille Bertault)
Lonely Town (Leonard Bernstein/Betty Comden/Adolph Grenn)
Robin Mansanti
Tendre rêve (Compositeur : Paul Smith et Oliver Wallace. Paroles : Mack David, Al Hoffman et Jerry Livingston. Adaptation française : Claude Rigal-Ansous)
Robin Mansanti
Full Moon And Empty Arms (Budy Kaye/Ted Mossman/Rachmaninov )
Robin Mansanti
By the time I Get To Phoenix (Jimmy Webb)
Robin Mansanti
Where Are You ( Jimmy McHugh/Harold Adamson)
Robin Mansanti
I Spend My Days (Robin Mansanti)
Robin Mansanti
Quand tu dors près de moi Quand tu dors près de moi (Johannes Brahms, Georges Auric, Françoise Sagan)
Robin Mansanti

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Robin Mansanti
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  • Artist : Robin Mansanti
  • Label : LP345
  • CountryFrance
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The term "Nuit Américaine", better known in English as "Day for Night", brings to mind the
love letter to cinema signed in 1973 by French director François Truffaut. It originally
designates the cinematographic technique consisting in making daytime footage look like it
was shot at night. This craft underpins the colors and mood of this album.

When I met Robin Mansanti, I discovered a sensitive and determined artist, driven by a love of music that knows no limits.
with a love of music that knows no bounds. It wasn't long before we were talking about
we talked about Chet Baker. He knows everything about him, dates, photos, films and of course recordings.
obviously the recordings... His passion is touching, generous and communicative.
It is the musician, with the Brazilian João Gilberto, whom he listened to as a child and who gave him the desire to sing and become a musician.
the desire to sing and to become a trumpet player. His phrasing and solos are his alphabet.
When the idea of this first album was born, there was never any question of evading this passion,
it is in the DNA of Robin. It was surreptitiously lodged somewhere in his voice, in his trumpet

in his trumpet playing and in a form of romantic languor inherent in his nature. At
beyond the influences, it was necessary to imagine an environment which makes emerge a personality

and deeply honest. It was also necessary to carry an artist from whom emanates something nocturnal
something nocturnal, a mixture of light and dark, of rain and light, and to summon other
poets who would carry this sensitivity. Nelson Veras first of all, one of the most astonishing talents
that Jazz has seen flourish, a guitarist apart, an immense storyteller and inventor of language.
When he evolves on simple melodies of appearance, he brings them elsewhere, transfiguring with
their beauty with softness... Thomas Bramerie and Fabrice Moreau form a rhythm section full of intelligence
full of intelligence and creative empathy. With a subtle sense of color, they marry the songs
with a subtle sense of color, they embrace the songs, gracefully seizing the words and melodies. Before the recording,
Robin had begun the exploration, with Laurent Courthaliac, of forgotten melodies.
The strong link they then established is the matrix of this album. The pianist, master of the color,
alchemist of the harmony offered him here sensitive and learned arrangements, full of detours
and surprises. And when finally invites the friend of long date, Camille Bertault, sensitive to the
poetry which emanates from Robin, it is to offer us a delicious duet around the music of
of "A Bout de Souffle", signed in 1959 by Martial Solal for the masterpiece of Jean-Luc
Godard's masterpiece. "Nuit américaine" unfolds like a bewitching and luxurious playlist of ballads
ballads, eternal wonders, which, without our knowledge, haunt the attic of our
memories. This album distils from one end to the other an irresistible charm, plunging us into a dreamlike and
and timeless world where time stops, as if in reverse of a world in panic.
We are offered here the first steps of an inhabited artist, who, without even wanting it, summons,
in all that it approaches, poetry and beauty.

Robin Mansanti