Mystery Of The Yeti - The Mystery Of The Yeti


Side A
The Call & The Journey
Mystery Of The Yeti
Side B
Tribal Gathering
Mystery Of The Yeti
Side C
The Yeti Revelation & Sacred Communication
Mystery Of The Yeti
Side D
A Welcome To All Extra Terrestrials
Mystery Of The Yeti


  • Artist : Mystery Of The Yeti
  • Label : TIP Records
  • Format : 2 x 12" (140g)
  • Sleeve : Triple Gatefold
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • GenresDowntempoTranceGoa Trance
  • Estimated shipping dateDecember 2023


The classic album 'Mystery Of The Yeti' was a project that consisted of the members Total Eclipse and The Infinity Project, with a young Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) as the studio engineer. Raja Ram, founder of TIP Records, gave us a little description of the atmosphere when this album was created back in 1995.

“Recording ‘Mystery of the Yeti’ was a marvelous journey conceived at Youth’s ‘Butterfly’ studio in Brixton in the mid-nineties, with luminaries wandering in and out... The music is deep, mysterious, swinging in places with celestial synthesizers... and sounds from the high Himalayas, the feeling of other dimensions, folklore worship and the spirit of the Yeti were captured when we were recording. It was very special and certainly evoked the vibe of the holy mountains and their mysteries. Sastra and friends provided the background noises including coughing and dogs to set the atmosphere of the start of the journey.

It was great fun to work with Simon Posford who did a marvelous job at engineering the sessions... and also with Total Eclipse and my partner Graham Wood (in our band The Infinity Project (T.I.P.)) who brought their flavour and talent into the mix. I honestly believe, even after so long ago after the release, that this work stands the test of time.”

Raja Ram

In 1994, Raja Ram formed TIP Records, one of the original Goa-Trance / Psy-Trance labels based in the UK.
He had already been releasing music with his band The Infinity Project (T.I.P.) since the late 80's and after putting on, now legendary, TIP parties around this time, the idea to start a record label was conceived.

Nearly 30 years on, TIP has gone from strength to strength with 100's of cutting-edge electronic music releases to date including highly respected classic dance music compilations right through to experimental downtempo and ambient music to a world wide (perhaps even inter-galactic) loyal following.
The back catalogue reads like a who's who of the Psychedelic Trance scene and TIP helped many top artists to launch their careers.

As ambassadors of the label and genre, Raja Ram and Lucas O'Brien (DJ Lucas / SuperModule) presented their TIP showcase touring the globe for over 20 years bringing the TIP sound to a wider audience.

Today, with a carefully selected roster of sought after, quality and dynamic artists, TIP continues to bring music and joy to dance floors around the world.