DVNO - Man On A Wire


Side A
Man on a Wire
It's all a Bluff
Side B
Equilibrium (Full Length Version)



After a first single “Feelin' too Soft” as a "futuristic crooner escaped from the already acclaimed metaverse" (Pedro Winter Ed Wreck / Apple Music), Mehdi Pinson aka DVNO unveils ‘It's all a Bluff’ (6th of october), one of many tracks produced by Xavier De Rosnay. They are not at their first collaboration and took the time to refine the first solo album of DVNO which will be released in the form of several Eps of which "Man on a Wire" (18th of november) is the first part.

This project initiated several years ago and long kept secret is a studio album of strange and romantic proportions.

Like Justice and rather than reproducing the successful formula that brought them together on the Cross album, DVNO continues to explore a more personal and introspective register.
The songwriting of this anti hero of the French touch and the pop sensibility of the two acolytes merge in ingenious productions, excited by guitars worthy of Brian May, harpsichords, stripped to the borders of electro noise and stadium rock. Songs fantasized and composed essentially behind a piano and made for the stage.

DVNO reveals himself as a neo-Liberace survivor of the bloghaus era, with the monstrous and touching traits of a decomplexed man. Sometimes nostalgic, melancholic but always modern, as if Tony Clifton and Andy Kaufman had merged with the Phantom of the Opera to better talk to us about loneliness, self-mockery and dystopia. Hidden in the light, sensitive but never fragile, like the video clip he directed and performed himself, which mixes Goblincore cuteness and suburban disillusionment.