Empanadas Ilegales - Creepy Mambo - Limited Edition 100 Copies


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Empanadas Ilegales
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Empanadas Ilegales



Vancouver-based psychedelic Cumbia and Salsa band Empanadas Ilegales, announce the official Vinyl release of their second album, Creepy Mambo. A limited-edition run of 100 vinyl, featuring a remaster and splatter vinyl.

Creepy Mambo layers cumbia rhythms, hypnotic guitar melodies and experimental salsa saxophone lines with surf-rock/free-jazz fusion. The album pays homage to cumbia cult classics like Los Galax and Los Wemblers and brings their grooves to the post-pandemic 21st century with experimental synthesizer sounds, slinky dub grooves and feverish percussion excursions.

With the songs written in the midst of the Covid pandemic in rainy Vancouver, Creepy Mambo was recorded in Oct. 2021 and from the start, it was intended to be experienced live with its infectious instrumental journey to the living memory of the tropics that invites listeners to dance it out.

Band Members:

Ricardo Perez, Electric Guitar, Effects & Vocals - Ecuador
Daniel Hernandez Pinto, Bass Guitar - Colombia
Jaime Millan, Electric Guitar - Argentina/Spain
Alonso Benavente Fortes, Drums - Ecuador/Peru
Sangito Bigelow, Congas - Canada
Tobias Soley, Saxophone - Brazil
Andrea Milagros - Percussion

Vancouver-based psychedelic Cumbia and Salsa band Empanadas Ilegales, is a six-piece band that fuses influences from across Latin America with the Canadian Pacific Northwest experience.