Tara J - The Best of Harry J Live - Couch Series


Side A
Country Boy (Cover)
Hector Roots Lewis
2. 9 to 5
Blvk H3ro
Joby Jay
Best Part (Cover)
Zhayna, Assured
Side B
With You
Show you
Don't Let Me Down (Reggae Cover)
Zhayna, Assured
Tilly (Cover)
All Stars
Bob Andy Tribute



“Tara J” Johnson, daughter of legendary producer “Harry J” from Kingston, Jamaica, has launched the “Best of Harry J Live Couch Series” on September 18 on the Harry J YouTube page and all music digital platforms. The virtual music concert series that created a much needed relaxation outlet for digital audiences; was an avenue used by Tara to honour her father’s friend Bob Andy upon his passing in 2020. The forty-five (45) minutes audio visual release of the Best of Harry J Live Couch Series is a combination of classics that were recorded at the Harry J Studio with a few well produced new releases from the emerging artists that graced the golden couch.

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Tara J. Johnson is the Managing Director of Harry J Recording Studio in Kingston,
Jamaica since 2013. Born in the 1990’s to the legendary Jamaican Producer and
Businessman, Harry “Harry J” Johnson; she was exposed to the Music Industry since
she was 12 years old. She attributes her shrewd business skills and passion for music
to the early training from her father and her own calling to be a successful Global Music

In a male dominated industry, Tara has honed the requisite skill and experiences in her career to preserve her father’s rich history while creating her own legacy through meaningful collaborations. She has traveled extensively, managed large scale creative and research projects both regionally and internationally and with seven (7) years of catalogue, festival, and artist management; she has gained valuable experience in varied areas to support her current entertainment projects as Executive Producer.

Under Tara’s leadership, innovation and inclination to enhance her fathers legacy. The studio has managed to survive one of the most difficult periods for the entertainment industry world wide during the COVID - 19 pandemic. With the evolution of the space and production experience, she has honed meaningful partnerships to produce, manage and accommodate True Live Virtual Streaming events such as; the Uppsala Reggae Jam festival in 2020; and The Uppsala Reggae Festival 2021, in house pre- recorded productions; The Harry J Live - Couch Series (which is a Ministry of Gender, Culture and Sport Project) and Kala Music Band partnership for Reggae month in Jamaica, while facilitating external video, audio and lighting productions in the 638 sqft space. The studio has now become the hub for quality visual and audio production.

Her focus is leading her team to continue producing exceptional quality productions, creating meaningful brands for entertainment, and to push the envelope of Caribbean talent globally.