Modal Q - Modal Q


Side A
Fantezie = Fantasy (1978)
Modal Q
Din Adâncul Pământului = From The Depths Of The Earth (1974)
Modal Q
Pasărea De Gheață = The Ice Bird (1974)
Modal Q
Side B
Balans = Sway (1978)
Modal Q
Mesaj MQ = MQ Message (1978)
Modal Q
Profil = Profile (1977)
Modal Q

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  • Artist : Modal Q
  • Label : Djs Techno Conference
  • Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
  • Sleeve : Gatefold
  • CountryRomania
  • GenresProg RockJazz-RockFusion
  • Estimated shipping dateApril 2023


''If you’re reading these lines, chances are you are one of the lucky few to own both records by Romanian progressive rock band Experimental Q, which have opened the “Romanian Sounds Unearthed” series. In this case, you have probably already understood why we thought it was imperative that such great music be given the restoration and curatorial processes it deserved. You are probably also wondering: what could come next?

With projects such as the Experimental Q ones, it has become obvious that the Romanian prog and jazz-rock during the 1970s and 1980s is still a largely unknown and under-researched phenomenon. Worse still, in most cases, we do not even have any digital files on the internet to listen to. The only recollections about the innovative and experimental sounds of the Romanian rock and jazz scene are to be found in reviews of old magazines, or stories told by yesterday’s music fans. We do have to admit: some stories are hard to believe. Could the music have been so great? So out-there, when most things back then seem to have been only by-the-book?

Enough pretentious jabbering: enter Modal Q, the jazz-rock band you have never heard about, but which will blow your minds. You don’t have to believe any stories, or these liner notes. Just listen to audio files, they will speak for themselves: psych-rock, jazz-rock, prog-rock, lots and lots of instrumental noodling (guitar, piano, you name it), complex arrangements, and, last, but definitely not least, well written music.

For all you history buffs out there, Modal Q was formed in 1973, after Experimental Q original bassist, Călin Coldea, parted ways with his Experimental colleagues and formed a new band, which would become one of the most original, enduring, enthralling music projects from Cluj during the 1970s and early 1980s. Also one of its best hidden secrets (until now, that is). Since this is just a textual appetizer, there is no need yet to dwelve into Modal Q’s sinuous past and history of members. Suffice it to say that, for almost nine years, due to Călin Coldea’s perseverance, Modal Q was a real musical institution, where some of the best Romanian formed their craft, dazzling audiences and music critics alike. Cornel Moldovan, Claudiu Frunză, Ioan Kovacs are just a few of them.

Fans of Pink Floyd, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Santana, King Crimson, or Emerson, Lake and Palmer will undoubtedly recognize influences in Modal Q’s music. But, as with all great music, influences are just palate cleansers, which allow listeners to better understand the new sonic world they are exposed to. Don’t take my words for it. Just listen to the audio files once more.
Former Modal Q member, jazz drummer, architect, and visual artist Lucian George Păiș has lent us his artwork, to garnish this fantastic music, that most had never heard of and a few had almost forgotten about.
The project is unearthed by Claudiu Oancea (curator, historical research, liner notes) and Remus Miron (producer, audio restoration and remastering).''

(promotional text by Claudiu Oancea)

Romanian Sounds Unearthed – 3
180gr. DMM (Direct Metal Mastering)
MSRP €20

Modal Q