Andrew Neil - Alien


Side A
Andrew Neil
I Need a Reason
Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil
Don't Tell the Doctor
Andrew Neil
Side B
Fingers Crossed
Andrew Neil
My Best Friend is Not Whiskey
Andrew Neil
The Beat Goes On
Andrew Neil
Remember to Forget
Andrew Neil
Black Sheep
Andrew Neil


  • Artist : Andrew Neil
  • Label : Tree Heart Records LLC
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresAcousticFolk RockIndie Rock
  • Pressing200 Copies
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"Alien" is Andrew Neil's 6th Album. All the tracks included on this album were recorded live at Hawksnest Studio in Gordonsville, Virginia. Producer and mix engineer is Andy Waldeck. The cover artwork was done by rising Bostonian artist Daniel Benayun.

The songs on "Alien" deal with numerous meaningful, and sometimes difficult subjects. Love, Hope, redemption, depression, loneliness, addiction, suicide, mental illness. Andrew's hope is that his music helps others understand they are not alone, and that Love is the simple answer.

Andrew Neil is a very unique artist/songwriter with an incredible inspirational story. He has struggled with serious mental illness for over a decade and has been compared to the great Daniel Johnston. As a result of a serious Psychotic episode gone bad, Andrew was incarcerated for 7 months, before being found Not Guilty by reason of Insanity. He was committed and hospitalized in a State Psychiatric Hospital for just over three years between 2014-2017. In 2019, Andrew was diagnosed with and successfully battled a very aggressive Lymphoma Cancer. His honesty and authenticity in his music reflects his experiences. Listeners immediately sense Andrew’s honesty and are able to relate to his lyrics within their own sphere of life.

Andrew Neil taught himself to play guitar by writing songs and has never played a cover. To this day, he does not know even basic chords. He developed his own style of playing and makes up his own chord shapes. His philosophy about songwriting is my lyrics are my notes. They live in the melody.

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The Andrew Neil Story:
Andrew Neil Maternick, born 9 August 1988 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was a recruited High School Athlete. He attended the US Military Academy prep School (USMAPS) where he earned his appointment to West Point as a member of the class of 2012. He began having issues and resigned in December 2008, his Plebe Year. He returned home and decided to enlist in the USMC. Prior to reporting to Paris Island, he had a car accident & sustained a traumatic head injury. Andrew's struggle with serious mental health issues intensified after the car accident. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and suffered numerous psychotic episodes. Living as a recluse in his parent’s basement, Andrew began to write songs out of nowhere after the head injury, first on the keyboard. In the spring of 2010, he picked up a guitar for the first time and wrote his first guitar song on the top string the next day called "Fire is Born". He declared himself as an artist and never looked back. Music became his solace.
Andrew Neil is considered an "Outsider music artist” in the spirit of Daniel Johnston. Penning over 400 songs since surviving a major car accident in 2009, Andrew is an independent outsider musical force. The emerging singer-songwriter taught himself how to play the keyboard and guitar by writing songs and used music to channel his intimate emotions. He has never played a cover song and to this day doesn’t know even the basic chord shapes. He makes up his own. Neil’s unique, almost grunge-like guitar style is a bit reminiscent of Nirvana’s unplugged concert in New York in November 1994.
In 2013 he had a bad psychotic episode and stabbed his brother through the arm. Although the wound did not cause his brother any permanent damage, Andrew was tossed in the Central Virginia Regional Jail and put n an isolation cell for 7 months before being found not guilty by reason of insanity. He was committed to the Virginia State Hospital system where he remained as a patient for over three years. While hospitalized he was eventually allowed access to a guitar and a small battery powered recorder. He wrote and recorded scores of songs. Upon discharge from the Hospital in 2017, he wanted to share his music and story with others, so he decided to release an album called “Code Purple”, featuring 11 of these songs, just as they were recorded in his hospital room.
In 2018, Andrew met music producer Andy Waldeck. Under Andy Waldeck's direction, Andrew recorded and released his first studio Album “Merry Go Round”. This album saw some air play on college radio stations across the country. The MGR album reached #59 on the unweighted College Radio Charts and #134 on the weighted College Radio Charts. The album remained on the College Radio Charts from November 2018 through mid-January 2019. Andy Waldeck would go on to produce and engineer the next two Studio Albums, "Freak" in 2019 and "Sunny Side" in 2021.
In June 2019, while recording his second studio album “Freak”, Andrew was diagnosed with a very aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Despite the very intensive and fatiguing Chemotherapy Treatments, Andrew somehow found the energy to finish recording the album, which was released in October 2019. Andrew was declared in remission in November 2019. Andrew Neil’s Album “Freak” was officially submitted for "Grammy Consideration" in the Alternative Music Album category for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. The album was not nominated.

In June 2021, Andrew released his 4th album “Sunny Side”, a grunge folk masterpiece whose percussive acoustic alternative rhythms and lyrical simplicity echo a Daniel Johnston like vibe. Kathy McCarty noted Austin singer-songwriter and founding member and co-leader of the influential 1980-90’s band, Glass Eye, penned this for the liner notes, “Andrew Neil’s Sunny Side is a revelation. The outpouring of melody and counterpoint is deeply affecting, seeming to come directly from a heart so genuine that it is almost too pure for this world. His simple lyrics can seem almost too plain; but then you find them reverberating in your mind for days afterward. This songwriter will find his audience, as Daniel Johnston did.”
Andrew’s newest album “Alien” is his sixth full length album. All the tracks were written by Andrew and recorded live in our home studio at Hawksnest in Gordonsville, Virginia. Andy Waldeck was the producer and lead mix engineer. The amazing album cover art for “Alien” was done by rising Bostonian artist Daniel Benayun.
He is also working on an Alt-Country Album which will be called "In the Country” with Andrew Neil and Friends". This should be out on the Spring of 2023.
A book titled “Kind of Hurt” is being written about Andrew's battle with mental illness and cancer and how music played a significant role in his life. The publication date of this book is TBD.
As Andrew always says: "Music makes a difference in this jello world"