Get The Sound - Chapter One


Side A
Subriser, NVRT, doVicente, Lazare
Another Lie
Luca, Nounours, Pierre Leck
We Have To
Alex Keeper, Drics, Thymaz, Helsa
Side B
One More Time
Altero, Vall, Niicap
Androma, Homem, Amphitryon, Jim Aves
The Way You Get
Crisologo, Megan, Dizaro


  • Artist : Get The Sound
  • Label : Get The Sound
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresDeep HouseElectroElectropop
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In December 2021, 21 artists (Alex Keeper, Androma, Altero, Amphitryon, Crisologo, Dovicente, Dizaro, Drics, Helsa, Homem, Jim Aves, Lazare, Luca, Megan, Nounours, NVRT, Niicap, Pierre Leck, Subriser, Thymaz and Vall) met for a weekend in Paris. Divided into 6 groups, they had a challenge: 24 hours to create a track.
Loaded with Deep House, Electro Chill and Pop influences, this album is the result!

Get The Sound

Specialized in digital, Get The Sound is a Record label and Music publisher that finds, develops and markets the newest talents in the music industry by constantly seeking to innovate in order to meet the new challenges of the Music industry.

Part of an Electro Chill, Deep House aesthetic, GTS proposes a 360° solution for upcoming artists, by supporting them in their production, artistic direction, distribution, promotion, publishing...

They have the ambition to become the first artistic project accelerator to be able to bring a guarantee to artists, thanks to Digital Marketing and Data Analysis