Robot:86 - Hyper Rewind - Hand numbered edition


Side A
Rewind the Dj
Battle with Hypermind
Side B
Live in the Light


  • Artist : Robot:86
  • Label : Mind Flux
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • GenresBreaksElectroJungle
  • Pressing200 Copies


Rewind the dj:
Robot:86 has been relaxing listening to early electro and downtempo, and this inspired the concoction “Rewind the Dj”, with a funky electro bassline, supported by euphoric lush soundscapes and glitched breaks.

Battle with Hypermind:
Like with many creative folk, Robot:86 finds his mind running a muck, jumping from one idea to another, infusing this and that never quite finishing anything, “Battle with Hypermind” is a collection of random experiments mashed together to produced a jungle infused break with mutate hip hop loops. Chucking this out into the world, calms Robot:86’s battle with a hyper mind.

Bonus track: "Live in the light"

Live in the light is a mix of old Balearic ambient pads morphed together with abstract breaks. And on top of that is a searing g funk-inspired lead.

Robot86 comes from a desolate planet where war has been raging since the begging of time, cause a human to be driving underground. Robots were created to do jobs on the surface, where humans could not venture.

Robot86, is in a dismal state, unable to achieve his function, he is left to rust, only to come alive to the music of the thunderous soundscapes created by the moving earth of the planets. Over the years the planet eventually exploded.

Finally decades later of flying through space land on the earth in the 90s.

Over the years these sonics, mold into a range of ambient and electronic experiments.

Anything goes within electronic music for Robot86, from slamming breakbeats. cinematic soundscapes and odd quirky melodies