Hilight Tribe (Vini Vici Remix) - Free Tibet


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Free Tibet
Hilight Tribe
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Free Tibet Remix
Hilight Tribe (Vini Vici Remix)

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Hilight Tribe



ENG: Deeply inspired by their adventures in the Tibetan community of the Indian Himalayas, Hilight Tribe wrote “FREE TIBET”. As soon as it was released, this song of hope and compassion spontaneously uplifted the hearts and minds of dancers and listeners world wide quickly becoming the band’s most famous track. Fourteen years later, after many requests from different artists to remix this hit, Vini Vici were chosen by the Tribe to be the ones to take on the great challenge of remixing Free Tibet. With the assistance of HIlight Tribe, the two Vini Vici members created an epic version that would transcend dance floors around the planet and inspire alll generations with it’s universal message. With it’s Tibetan Trump sounds, Hilight Tribe Grooves, it’s unforgettable melody, it’s chorus sung by the masses and it’s lyrics which are now an institution, Free Tibet has become a world wide reference for peace and hope for all generations.