No Violins - Venerdi 30 - Hand numbered edition


Side A
Times of Change
No Violins
No Violins
Side B
The Madman
No Violins
One Night Stand
No Violins


  • Artist : No Violins
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryAustralia
  • GenresPop-RockRock
  • Pressing100 Copies
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This story starts in 1991 way back when R.E.M lost their religion, Extreme sang more than just words and Bryan Adams did everything he did for Robin Hood. Nirvana was sprouting Nevermind and the music world was mourning the passing of Freddie Mercury.
Away from all of this, in the tropical winter of Rockhampton, Australia, a bunch of final-year schoolboys took a Friday off school to record their own 4 songs that would change the world forever. (In the smallest conceivable way.) By the time the release of the 4 track EP cassette Venerdi? sold out to friends and families, the band was “moving in a different direction”. Children cried. Dark storms gathered. The original era of No Violins had passed.

For 30 years, the original No Violins members had spread across the globe, building careers, lives and loves. Always somewhere deep in their cassette collections was this dusty old dodgy piece of untapped potential. Technological progress brought the internet, social media and digital recording. Then in 2020, Covid lockdowns, boredom, busy grown-up lives, and an over-enthusiastic drummer living in France somehow brought the whole project back to life. With 30 years of hindsight and individual musical experiences, they returned to these four songs for one more go. For 12 months, collaborating across the internet from France, Brisbane, Canberra and Rockhampton (Australia) they began uploading parts, revisiting, rewriting, reviewing, reworking…
…and now, Venerdi 30 is here.

No Violins formed in early 1989 in Rockhampton, Australia. They released a self-produced EP of 4 original songs in 1991, called Venerdi? (Italian word for Friday). After touring locally in Australia for a number of years, the band split as members moved away and on to other projects. The band has re-formed recently to re-record the original EP from 1991 over 30 years later.