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Emerging Brit progressive metal unit HEDRA are set to unleash an immersing new single, Jackdaw, on Friday 4th November. The track is lifted from their engulfing new EP, The Pecking Order, which is out via Devils Clause Records, on Friday 11th November.

HEDRA express a commanding, progressive and diverse metal sound that nods to the majesty and guile of Iron Maiden, Soundgarden, and Mastodon, and which also pulls from the progressive approaches of Tool and TesseracT. Originally formed in 2014 in Norwich, England as a studio-based project based around Jim Marten (Vocals) and Kamil Korsak (Guitar), finding the right members that matched Jim and Kamil’s commitment was an early struggle, and a revolving door of bassists and drummers curtailed HEDRA’s trajectory during their initial years. However, by the end of 2020, the band had a solidified line-up with Zoran Gyenis (Guitar), Lukas Mozdzenski (Bass), and James Redden (Drums), and soon began to tour widely throughout the UK. A series of successful singles followed, as momentum began to build for the Brit riff maestros.

This year, HEDRA signed to Devils Clause Records, and are now braced to deliver their much-awaited new EP, The Pecking Order. The lyrical themes and focus of the record were greatly influenced by the government’s handling of the recent pandemic, and the animalistic ways in which Boris Johnson dealt with the crisis. Vocalist Jim goes on to explore the similarities between human and animal relationships, and this resonates strongly throughout the record. The EP was recorded with an authentically earthy vibe to it. The band felt the need to go back to basics and to ensure that all instruments sounded crisp and genuine. Upon listening to the release, it’s clear that HEDRA have more than fulfilled their brief. It’s full flowing, punchy, contagious, and loaded with hooks and vigorous riffs. The EP stands gallantly as a superb body of work clearly mapping out the band’s manifesto and unabashed ability. Stay tuned to the band’s socials for live show announcements and much more.

Track Listing: 1. Jackdaw 2. Stolen 3. Suchi 4. Avismogi 5. Storm clouds 6. Head Held High (demo).

HEDRA [Verb: To accidentally ruin something permanently]

Hedra are a metal band from Norfolk who have made waves in the UK live scene over the last few years. Formed in 2014 with their unique blend of influences the band are creating an unmistakable and individual sound.

Midlands Metalheads describe them as “…with strong elements of groovy, alternative to Rock and Metal, mixed with a sprinkling of modern progressive intelligence, they sound unashamedly current, but with a clear sense of the classic acts that influenced their sound”.

Influences: Tool, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Iron Maiden, Tesseract, Mastodon.

Hedra have already toured the UK and have ambitions to make travelling the world part of their glorious achievements.

The band have designed and manufactured their own merchandise, available to purchase at www.hedrabanduk.bandcamp.com

Watching them live is a truly amazing experience – the passion displayed is fronted by Jim who engages with the audience and demonstrates subliminal vocals that bring life and meaning to the music. Fantastic guitar landscapes lead the songs in several incredible directions by Kamil, Zoran and Kozi , whilst James is able to regulate each one with his talented drumming skills, heightening and strengthening the powerful harmonies and vibrations heard by the audience. The band members wear matching shirts which mirrors their solidarity and devotion to their music. A truly professional and energetic performance, which will leave you wanting more.

Each EP they have produced is based on themes and tells a story. Meet the band to discover more……..

On a personal level, the band members are great friends and spend time together whenever they can. They are wholeheartedly committed to their music and are proud to be different to any other band you will have seen before.

Fans describe them as great fun, powerful, professional, friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic and the music scene already know them to be hard working and helpful to other bands and the underground scene.


Jim Marten Vocals

Kamil Korsak Guitar

Zoran Gyenis Guitar

Lukas (Kozi) Mozdzenski Bass

James Redden Drums