Darren John - Better on Wax



  • Artist : Darren John
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • Genres
  • Estimated shipping dateAugust 2021


A limited edition print series of original artwork produced by well regarded international artists from Wild Beasts Art Agency mixing their unique styles with the world of vinyl. These works pay tribute to music and vinyl enthusiasts. Each print is stamped and numbered and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Artist : Darren John / London / Wild Beasts Art Agency
Print type : Pigment inkjet
Paper used : High quality Hahnemühle Rag
Size : 50x75cm
Number of copies : 30 limited edition prints (stamped and numbered)
Weight : 300g
High quality : Printed on white paper
Delivery info : Shipped in tissue paper and art tube 

Darren John @thewildbeastart

Darren John is inspired by the enriching experience of connection created through the process of listening to vinyl.

"As children we engage with making pictures the same as we engage with music. We’re not motivated by whether it’s going to be GOOD or BAD.. We just do it and it feels awesome.

We express a direct relationship through the acts themselves. We paint energetically, we play without over thinking and we move to the beat as we feel it, without necessarily learning any moves or how to play.

Music and painting, for me, share many wonderful traits. This new artwork, ’Better on Wax’ combines an appreciation of the present with a gratitude and respect to the past. Paying homage to tradition is a humbling and collaborative approach to paving new roads to the future. May the many pressings on vinyl continue, so that future crate diggers can experience the same joys of discovery that we all relish and love!" Darren John