Tez Cadey - No Place I Call Home


Side A
During a cloudy day
Tez Cadey
Missing U
Tez Cadey, Aukoustics
No Place I Call Home (with Wim & Mara)
Tez Cadey
Side B
Make You Stay
Tez Cadey
Dark Between The Stars (with Zev Troxler)
Tez Cadey

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  • Artist : Tez Cadey
  • Label : egoist records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresElectro
  • Pressing100 Copies


Tez Cadey is back in 2021 with his new EP “No Place I Call Home”, a turning point in his career .
Following up an album in 2018 and a dozen singles, this record is a return to his musical roots. With pop and colourful sounds, the five tracks of this EP are meant to make you sing and dance and will leave you wanting more.
“No Place I call Home” is a statement in a world where it is harder and harder to find your place. The record is about finding a space where you feel at home, where you are not judged, where you are free to love and be loved, and where the only spoken languages are music and dance.

In 2015, Tez Cadey composed a track, called ‘Seve’, in his student room in Lille. His track was streamed five billion times, quickly making a name for himself amongst the best French electro artists. He worked with Ultra Music, a label renowned for dance music worldwide, and he quickly embarked on an international career, travelling the world to play, especially in Asia where ‘Seve’ became really popular thanks to a series of viral videos. He spent a big part of his student years travelling the world to work as a DJ. As a kid, Tez Cadey had grown up in Belgium, the US and France and as a result, he wasn’t too unsettled by this lifestyle and he quickly adapted to the requirements of this international career.

Between 2016 and 2019, Tez Cadey played internationally. In 2018 he released his first album and at the end of 2019, just before the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns, he was touring in the States. Following these busy three years, Tez Cadey felt the need to focus on music again and reconnect with the pleasure of composing music spontaneously. ‘What gets me really excited is to compose new things all the time and to explore new styles. That’s why when I first started, I was changing music genre every week’.

Over the last couple of months, he’s been working comfortably from his home studio and on his laptop. This allows him to work from anywhere, and to find again the spontaneity of his early years. ‘I like the idea of being able to compose anywhere and to upload a track online straight away if I feel like it’. Tez Cadey, now 27 years old, also wants to broaden his horizons and help other artists produce their music. Over the past few months, he’s worked with other artists, groups, singers and rap artists. ‘I really enjoy producing music for other people, it’s a different side of the business. I also sometimes write the lyrics for some projects. I prefer to be able to do a little bit of everything okay, rather than excel at just one thing’.

He’s also mentally completely changed his approach towards his initial success: ‘It was hard to dissociate myself as an artist from ‘Seve’, but I want to continue to explore. It took time for me to realise that I was first and foremost a producer and a DJ, and that I can compose whatever I want, whether it’s a techno album or pop music’.

Tez Cadey is free and determined, and he will for sure continue to surprise us.