Tez Cadey - No Place I Call Home


Side A
During a cloudy day
Tez Cadey
Missing U
Tez Cadey, Aukoustics
No Place I Call Home (with Wim & Mara)
Tez Cadey
Side B
Make You Stay
Tez Cadey
Dark Between The Stars (with Zev Troxler)
Tez Cadey

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  • Artist : Tez Cadey
  • Label : egoist records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresElectro
  • Pressing100 Copies


Tez Cadey is back in 2021 with his new EP “No Place I Call Home”, a turning point in his career .
Following up an album in 2018 and a dozen singles, this record is a return to his musical roots. With pop and colourful sounds, the five tracks of this EP are meant to make you sing and dance and will leave you wanting more.
“No Place I call Home” is a statement in a world where it is harder and harder to find your place. The record is about finding a space where you feel at home, where you are not judged, where you are free to love and be loved, and where the only spoken languages are music and dance.

After a decade at the service of artists through the BPM Contest, the Maquisards label comes out of the woods and becomes Egoist Records.

Finding talent all over France, Egoist Records is an independent electronic music label based in Paris which has an eclectic « roster » (house, techno, electro …) putting the female scene in the spotlight (Mila Dietrich , Mira Ló, Lūv) as well as a new guard of producers (Tez Cadey, Imako, Select, Kub, Psola…).

Organizer since 2011 of the BPM Contest (first French electronic music springboard in partnership with Sacem, Tsugi magazine, Inasound… and sponsored every year by the French icons of the discipline: Vitalic, Arnaud Rebotini, Jennifer Cardini, Pedro Winter, Etienne de Crécy…).

Egoist Records is also an expert in atypical events, with a penchant for new places, such as the Maquisards Festival in 2018 in arenas in the Camargue or the Bal du Marquis in 2019 (event supported by Pierre Cardin) in the quarries of the Château de Lacoste in the Luberon.

Always on the lookout for new projects and musical adventures made in France, Egoist Records will never cease to surprise you in 2021, purely and selfishly to indulge itself by making you happy.