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Amintiri Despre Viitor - Experimental Q - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side A
Amintiri despre viitor (1974)
Experimental Q
Vis intergalactic (1975)
Experimental Q
Side B
Atlantida I (1974)
Experimental Q
Atlantida II (1974)
Experimental Q
Flori (1975)
Experimental Q


  • Artist : Experimental Q
  • Label : DJs Techno Conference
  • Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
  • Sleeve : Gatefold
  • CountryRomania
  • GenresProg RockJazz-Rock
  • Pressing300 Copies
  • Estimated delivery dateAugust 2021


Have you ever wondered what King Crimson or Emerson, Lake & Palmer would have sounded like, had they originated from behind the Iron Curtain?

This may sound like the usual hype promoters write to draw attention, but click on the audio files from this album’s track-list and listen closely. “Amintiri din viitor” [Memories from the Future] will take you back to a time when progressive music was truly forward looking, experimental, and original. The band Experimental Q was formed in the early 1970s, by a group of music students from the Gheorghe Dima Conservatory, in Cluj (Romania). Eugen Tunaru (keyboards), Valentin Farcaș (guitar), Nicolae Bucaciuc (bass), and Nicolae Delioran (drums) were joined by Gheorghe Marcovici (flute), and this line-up recorded a series of songs and compositions for radio and TV, without ever releasing any album on Electrecord, the sole record company in Romania at that time.

Their music was mostly instrumental and featured titles that touched upon intergalactic, or art themes. The band members may have been music students, but while their education was classical, their inspiration drew from pop music’s avantgarde. Prog and jazz-rock fans might find influences and echoes of bands that were carving out new paths in the unexplored music jungle of the late 1960s and early 1970s: King Crimson, The Nice, Jethro Tull, ELP, VDGG. After a few listens, however, it will dawn upon the listener that this music was more than just an East European response to the Western hype of the day. Facing the prejudice of their professors, the skepticism of some of their peers, as well as the numerous material drawbacks and technological limitations, Experimental Q improvised not only musically. In the end, they made their own instruments and adapted what they could get their hands on, to create some of the most intriguing music made on the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain.

“Amintiri din viitor” opens the first chapter in this still untold story of one of Romania’s best hidden music secrets. With the approval of and collaboration from the remaining band members, this project features restored and remastered audio, original artwork, as well as an in-depth essay about the band and its musical output in the socialist historical context, with exclusive photos and memorabilia.

This project is curated by Claudiu Oancea (artwork, liner notes), Adrian Matala (co-producer) and Remus Miron (restored, remastered audio and producer).

Promotional text by Claudiu Oancea

DJs Techno Conference (DTC) is an independent Romanian audio production label, chain founded in Brasov in 2001 by Remus Miron (Lektronikumuz) and its output is mainly dedicated to experimental projects but also integrates world music influences.