YCJY /x/ KarlFlodin - POST VOID


Side A
The Song
YCJY /x/ KarlFlodin
Side B
The End
YCJY /x/ KarlFlodin


  • Artist : YCJY /x/ KarlFlodin
  • Label : N/A
  • Format : 1 x 7" (140g)
  • CountrySweden
  • GenresGarage RockPost-PunkArt Rock
  • Pressing200 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


The music from the hit indie title Post Void now on a 7" LP!
It'll include the main theme track of the game mixed and mastered for higher quality audio as well as the extended epilogue noise track. We need at least 80 pre-orders to make sure this project gets funded so share it with any of your friends.

Side A and B respectively: The Song and The End.

We are really excited about getting this out as a physical copy and think it'll look really sick. This might also be the first video game 7" single (don't quote me on that, believe in the lies).

Josef and Christopher

We are YCJY, Christopher and Josef, a game developer duo from Sweden. We also make some music with our friend and collaborator Karl Flodin. Our games are: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, Sea Salt, and Post Void.

We actually grew to become best friends by playing in the same band back in college. So this is really exciting.

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