Strange as Angels - Lullaby + Dressing Up !


Side A
Strange as Angels
Side B
Dressing Up
Strange as Angels



"La nouvelle collection de chansons réinventées de The Cure par Marc Collin. Lullaby est vraiment loin des règles évidentes du single mais c'est probablement l'une des chansons les plus réussies de The Cure. Le clip vidéo était génial et le thème (peur de l'enfance) a touché beaucoup de jeunes. Je suis sûr que le groupe aura une nouvelle génération de fans avec ce morceau."

  1. Marc Collin founds Kwaidan Records in Paris.

Composer/producer with an eye for talent - a quick description that neatly resumes the talents of Marc Collin, who over the years has progressed from the studio to playing live.

Whether on projects like Nouvelle Vague (often a launchpad for an impressive list of artists on the rise) or with artists such as Yasmine Hamdan (an iconic French-Lebanese singer), Phoebe Killdeer (now known worldwide for her remix by The Avener) and Jay-Jay Johanson (the Scandinavian crooner), Marc Collin nurtures international artists whose particular sensibility and experience appeal to him.

Particularly careful with his production values, Marc Collin is above all a lover of old synths, the ones that left their mark on the 80s, and knows how to get the best out of them for his modern productions by addressing a wide audience.

With its meticulous production characterised by a certain sweetness and subtlety, whether in English, French or more exotic languages, Kwaidan Records is a Parisian institution that welcomes artists from anywhere in the world, helping them develop and confirm their talent.