Void Meditations - Nate Collins - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Ritual 1
Nate Collins
Ritual 2
Nate Collins
Side 2
Ritual 3
Nate Collins
Ritual 4
Nate Collins
Ritual 5
Nate Collins



‘Void Meditations’ is the debut solo album from Australian composer Nate Collins. Falling loosely into the ‘Ambient/Drone’ category, it is an intricate blend of industrialised orchestral elements, warm synthesizers, and abrasive textures. With these five pieces, Nate has eschewed traditional melodies, instead choosing to create a static soundscape filled with moments of existential dread and the occasional peaceful catharsis. It is compelling, challenging, and ultimately rewarding to those who are ready to embrace its stark beauty.

Credits: All noise composed, performed and produced through Nate Collins; mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.

Australian composer Nate Collins creates dramatic soundscapes full of dissonance, tension, and emergent moments of unexpected beauty. Utilising string sections, analogue synthesisers, and an array of heavily manipulated live recordings, he crafts pieces that defy conventional logic and speak directly to the subconscious mind. His interest in Eastern and Western esotericism is incorporated directly into his work via the use of novel systems of notation and other abstract techniques to create strange yet mesmerising harmonies.

While Nate’s compositions often exist on the fringes of the musical spectrum, they are worthy of investigation by those who are attracted to bleak beauty and dense, mysterious atmospheres.

Nate is currently working on his feature length debut as a film composer and is also set to release his standalone solo debut ‘Void Meditations’ in April of 2021. His other passion being cinema, he is currently on the lookout for more film projects which also aim to collaborate in establishing unsettling, introspective, or oppressive atmospheres.