Great Wide Nothing - Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. I - Hand numbered edition


Side A
To Find the Light, Part One
Great Wide Nothing
Great Wide Nothing
Promised Land
Great Wide Nothing
Hymn for a Hungry Spirit (feat. Sarah Rose & Susy I. Reyes)
Great Wide Nothing
Side B
Stars Apart
Great Wide Nothing
Great Wide Nothing
The Best We Can Do Is Laugh
Great Wide Nothing


  • Artist : Great Wide Nothing
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresAlternative RockProg Rock
  • Pressing100 Copies


The second full length studio album from Atlanta progressive rock trio Great Wide Nothing, "Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. I" is the first installment in a projected two-album song cycle centered around the themes of loss and longing, and the process of finding inner peace.

The release sees the band take full control of their creative process and embrace a fully DIY approach, with songwriter, frontman, and de-facto bandleader Daniel Graham and keyboardist Dylan Porper (who also engineered and mixed the LP) taking the reigns as its sole producers.

Ambitious and eclectic, the record explores exciting new sonic territory for Great Wide - from guitar-driven alt-rock to dazzling jazz fusion to Beatles-esque balladry and much, much more, "Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. I" really does offer something for every kind of listener.

Strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, this special edition of the album is pressed on beautiful red vinyl, with a printed inner sleeve complete with lyrics and credits.

NOTE: This is a crowdfunded pre-order campaign, vinyl will not be pressed unless all 100 copies are sold. Should the campaign fail to succeed, you will be issued a refund. Alternate versions of the album can be found at

"Infinita ex inani oritur materia” - Infinite possibilities arise from the void.

In art, as in life, the preconceived notions we carry and cling to can be terribly limiting. To that end, the particular niche into which Great Wide Nothing’s music fits is perpetually changing - expanding and evolving as such notions are challenged and ultimately laid to rest to make room for what comes next.

Though their signature combination of sweeping, cinematic keyboards, propulsive, melodic basslines, thunderous, yet nuanced drumming, contemplative lyrics and dramatic vocals consistently offers listeners a handful of key features to hang on to, the unorthodox power trio - spearheaded by frontman and songwriter Daniel Graham - is always seeking out new sonic territory to explore and new ideas of who and what they can be as a band to try out.

Not content to rest on their laurels after winning international acclaim for their independent debut album - retro prog opus "The View From Olympus" - Great Wide Nothing has embarked on a thrilling new musical journey with their forthcoming second album, "Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Volume I", the first installment in an ambitious double album song cycle dealing with themes of loss and longing. Brimming with memorable hooks, impressive playing, and numerous fresh, diverse stylistic elements, the album promises to be everything the group’s burgeoning fanbase has hoped for and more.