DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA - 35 - 004 - Numbered edition


Side A
Acid Track (Paul Johnson's Jack Nation Remix)
DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA
Acid Track (Marko Nastic Remix )
DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA
Side B
Acid Track (Shinedoe Remix)
DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA
Acid Track (Zombie Nation Remix)
DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA
Acid Track (N.U.D.E Remix)
DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA


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  • Artist : DJ Pierre, Phuture / VA
  • Label : Afro Acid Plastik
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresAcidHouseTechno
  • Pressing500 Copies
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2019 marks thirty-five years that DJ PIERRE has been DJing and creating acid house music. This
seven-part series of 35 remixes of ACID TRACK by PHUTURE is a celebration of the first monumental record for DJ Pierre and the spark for a new genre and movement in dance music history.

“35 - 004” will be the fourth volume in this series and will feature 5 remixes from Paul Johnson, Marko Nastic, Zombie Nation, Shinedoe, and N.U.D.E.

In 1987 the first acid house record, “Acid Track”, was released by the Chicago group Phuture—DJ Pierre, DJ Spank-Spank and Herb J. It was DJ Pierre who thought to play and twist the knobs on the Roland TB-303 in such a way that it created an entirely new (and at that time, totally bizarre) instrumental sound often described as “squelchy”, trippy, psychedelic, futuristic, and out of this world. Spanky laid the beats and together “Acid Track” was born.

The legendary Ron Hardy, a resident DJ at the Music Box in Chicago, gave this strange track a listen and played it not once but four times on the dance floor until it created a frenzy.
News of the Acid “squelches” quickly spread around Chicago and then across the Atlantic, inspiring the next wave of pioneering acid artists in the UK to create their own. From here the Acid House movement began, known as the Second Summer of Love (1988). It was this movement that spread across Europe and the world, becoming the rave and festival scene we know today.

Thank you DJ Pierre for your legendary contribution and innovative spark to dance music. This world would not be the same without “Acid Track” and acid house. Here’s looking forward to another thirty-five years.


Back in the day when acid was just a tab, DJ Pierre was holed up in his bedroom inventing a sound which would impact on the music scene forever. In 1986, acid house was in its pre-infancy when DJ Pierre picked up a Roland TB-303 and the monumental "Acid Track" was born.

Not many artists in the history of dance music can list Carl Cox, Daft Punk, Richie Hawtin, Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, and Michael Mayer (Kompakt Records) as fans. Not many can claim responsibility for helping kick start the careers of Felix Da Housecat and Roy Davis Jr. Not many can lay claim to giving birth to a genre and pioneering a sound that had the whole world dancing and imitating for over thirty years. DJ/Producer/Remixer, Nathaniel Pierre Jones AKA DJ Pierre is a rare breed.

A pioneer of not one but two genres—acid house and wildpitch—Pierre is an artist who is considered a mentor to many of the "A" list DJs—old and new—whose passion and talent continues to stand strong in an industry that’s had its ups ‘n’ downs.

From the days of Phuture—Pierre's highly successful guise with fellow squelchers DJ Spank Spank and Herb J—and their epic release "Acid Track" to his biggest hit "The Horn Song"—featuring Barbara Tucker—his solo projects with David Morales, Felix Da Housecat and his stint as Head of A&R at Strictly Rhythm, DJ Pierre is a force to be reckoned with.