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Paradís (Limited clean your 10'') - Helgi - Hand numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Trampolin (outro)
Side 2
You should clean yourself


  • Artist : Helgi
  • Format : 1 x 10" (140g)
  • CountryFaroe Islands
  • GenresExperimentalHouseNordic
  • Pressing300 Copies


On the 30th of August 2019 Helgi's single 'Paradís' was released on all major digital stores and streaming services and hopefully now it will get its limited edition hand numbered vinyl release, this would also mark the first physical release from Helgi.

With the simple yet playful cover photographed by one of Faroe Islands' finest Beinta á Torkilsheyggi, the B-side on this transparent 10-inch vinyl release is an unreleased sound piece that was commissioned by the Faroe Islands International Minority Film Festival in 2017 as an audiovisual piece and was also part of two exhibitions in 2018, one of them at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands and the other an exhibition curated by renowned Faroese artist Edward Fuglø. The B-side 'You should clean yourself' is a meditative experimental acid-house inspired sound piece. In 2018 Faroese art critic Kinna Poulsen wrote about the work, ‘’in the small society of the Faroe Islands this is a very courageous self portrait … interesting allusions to childhood and sexuality as it also deals with and poses questions to masculinity. According to the title it’s about shame and the effort to wash the shame away.’’
Along with his 2019 House single ‘Paradís’, the A-side features a sound piece also from 2019 which was one of two pieces that Helgi made for short films by Faroese film duo Rammatik, the films were screened at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands during an annual dance show. Shell Zenner played ‘’Paradís’’ on Amazing Radio and said ‘’… it’s got that Scandi twist to it, but what an absolute beat …’’, the song was also featured on Kaltblut Magazine’s ‘’Fresh Finds’’ playlist.

Helgi is an independent artist from the Faroe Islands who works across music, dj'ing, sound-, visual art and is also a co-organizer/programmer at a film festival. Helgi found out that he wanted to be in music from an early age while being in church choirs and when listening to music at home, which then led him to start making music in his early teens. A few years later he decided to move to London and study BA(Hons) Commercial Music at University of Westminster and later MA Sound Art at University of the Arts London where he graduated in 2014. Since then he has been a part of a few projects including sound and music for the clothing brand Lanefortyfive. In 2016 he released the single 'Lívið er ein fongur' digitally.

Although Helgi has not been actively releasing or performing his music live, there is new material cooking at the moment and will be released 2020/2021.