The Misery Men - Doomtopia - Numbered edition


Side A
Lion’s Head
The Misery Men
Houdini’s Eyes
The Misery Men
Side B
Meg Mucklebones
The Misery Men
The Misery Men


  • Artist : The Misery Men
  • Label : Desert Records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresGrungeDoom MetalStoner Rock
  • Pressing100 Copies


“...An ethereal trip in the heavy psych tradition, the smoke of doom all around it. It’s perfect time to unveil new sounds from THE MISERY MEN, one of my favorite Oregon bands.“

Doomtopia is the 2nd album by Portland, Oregon based band The Misery Men. The songs were written by Corey G. Lewis, the founder of The Misery Men, singer and guitar player. All songs were recorded at Wrong Way Recording engineered by Rob Wrong of Witch Mountain, in the basement of his home that once served as a rehearsal space for the late great Elliott Smith.

The first three songs recorded were done in January 2019 with just Rob and Corey. Initially the idea was to have multiple drummers, and bass players on the album, so Billy Anderson, the legendary engineer for such bands as Sleep, (the) Melvins, High On Fire, Neurosis, Witch Mountain, Acid King, laid down a bass track on Lion’s Head.

Flash forward, along came the local 2-piece band Breath, featuring Steven O’Kelly on bass, and Ian Caton on drums, whose band had played a gig with The Misery Men. These two have been playing together since High School in the Portland area. Breath is a very Sleep / Om heavy worship, fitting as the new album by The Misery Men is called Doomtopia. Also lending more bass on the second half of Houdini’s Eyes is again Billy Anderson and Rob Wrong lends his lead mastery work soloing on Lion’s Head, Houdini’s Eyes, and Meg Mucklebones.

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl LP on "Type O Negative green".
Only 100 copies pressed.
First time on vinyl; never to be repressed on in this variant again.

All Songs Written by: Corey G Lewis
Doomtopia recorded at: Wrong Way Recording by Rob Wrong
Produced by: Corey G Lewis, Rob Wrong
Mixed by: Rob Wrong
Mastered by: Billy Anderson
Album Art by: Ben House
Houdini's Eyes Single: Greg Traw

Rhythm Guitar Vocals: Corey G Lewis
Bass: Steven O'Kelly
Drums: Ian Caton
Lead: Rob Wrong (Lion's Head, Houdini's Eyes, Meg Mucklebones)
Bass: Billy Anderson (Lion's Head, 2nd half of Houdini's Eyes)

Pretty. Bleak. Those words encapsulate the sweeping and majestic sounds that build like storm systems and burst into bone-rattling sonic downpours that the Dallas, TX trio The Angelus summon up.

Emil Rapstine: Guitar and Vocals
Justin Evans: Drums and Backing Vocals
Justin Ward: Bass.