Mike Casey - Law of Attraction (Originals)


Side A
Feel The Bern
Mike Casey
Dagobah (New studio version)
Mike Casey
Squeaky Wheel (Take 2)
Mike Casey
Mike Casey
Side B
Mike Casey
Law Of Atttraction
Mike Casey
Squeaky Wheel (Take 1)
Mike Casey


  • Artist : Mike Casey
  • Label : Mike Casey
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresContemporary JazzJazzJazz-Funk
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Award winning saxophonist/songwriter Mike Casey's 4th album in 4 years (studio debut) showcases his longtime New York trio (rising Matt Dwonszyk & Corey Garcia) being joined by Grammy nominated Benito Gonzalez (pianist in Pharoah Sanders' band) alongside a slate of fiery, progressive, often funky original modern jazz. Recorded in notable bassist Omer Avital's Brooklyn NYC studio in July 2018 in 100 degree heat with no air condition, this recording captures Mike and his band at a pivotal moment of musical chemistry - right before Mike left to Spain for a yearlong master's at Berklee College of Music's Valencia campus. There is a sense of urgency in the music, a fiery longing in Mike's approach to document this period of their lives before a major life shift in moving overseas for a year. After all, art reflects life...

Upon returning from Spain and right before COVID19, Mike had just made his Kennedy Center debut and was getting ready to speak & showcase at SXSW. Singles from this album have already made waves internationally, with features from the likes of Huffington Post, BBC, Lyrical Lemonade, Dublab, Worldwide FM, Radio France, Jazziz, NTS, Live for Live Music, Jazz FM, Rinse FM, and JazzTimes - and passed half a million streams without a record label.

Ahead of the album's release, Mike Casey & his band were selected as one of five international finalists in the DC Jazz Festival's DCJazzPrix competition, the largest jazz competition in the world for jazz bands - not individual artists. They will compete September 27th via livestream in Washington, D.C.

This is surely a future collector's item and extremely limited in production. Don't miss your chance to get a copy while you can!

Mike Casey
United States

This is not your parent’s elevator music.

Mike Casey is a melody poet. The story-telling songwriter, producer, and sonic alchemist is a multi-talented force whose soul stirring saxophone sound and inventive use of phrasing reaches out with love and embraces your musical desires, one note at a time. Bringing the joy of jazz across genre lines to a diverse young audience around the world, Mike’s music has passed 6 million streams since 2017 with features from the likes of HuffPost, Forbes, NPR, Downbeat and countless others.

On a mission to be a passionate vessel for “jazz” in the 21st century, his searing sound, always aiming to connect emotionally and tell a story, demands the attention of the listener. He has collaborated with GRAMMY nominated artists as diverse as Nat Reeves, Benito Gonzalez, Brandee Younger, Zaccai Curtis, Justin Faulkner, and Marc Cary, along with Emmy winning producer Apple Juice Kid and some of the leading lights of his generation including Julius Rodriguez, Andrew Renfroe, Taber Gable, and Alex Claffy.

Mike loves to pose musical "questions" to the audience, keeping them engaged, inquisitive, and above all, FEELING. Cognitive dissonance and the relation between mental fluency/disfluency is a recurring concept in Mike’s work, and he isn’t afraid to push his saxophone sound to the bleeding edge of intensity.