Matt Rollings - Matt Rollings Mosaic - Numbered edition


Side A
Take Me to the Mardi Gras
Matt Rollings (feat, The War and Treaty)
Accentuate The Positive
Matt Rollings (feat. Lyle Lovett)
Matt Rollings (feat. Alison Krauss, with Vince Gill)
That Lucky Old Sun
Matt Rollings (feat. Lyle Lovett, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Willie Nelson)
Spirits In the Material World
Matt Rollings (feat. Charlie Greene)
Side B
If I Had a Boat
Matt Rollings (feat. Ramblin' Jack Elliott)
Wade In The Water
Matt Rollings (feat, The War and Treaty, with The Blind Boys of Alabama)
When You Loved Me Still
Matt Rollings (feat. Heidi Talbot, with John McCusker)
I'll Come Knocking
Matt Rollings (feat. Lukas Nelson)
Slumber My Darling
Matt Rollings (feat. Heidi Talbot, with John McCusker)
Pontiac (Voice Memo)
Matt Rollings

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Matt Rollings - Matt Rollings Mosaic
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  • Artist : Matt Rollings
  • Label : Dualtone records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresFolkJazzAll Styles
  • Pressing300 Copies
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Matt Rollings Mosaic is a new American masterpiece.

The first album in over 30 years from the Nashville-based, GRAMMY Award-winning producer, piano virtuoso, composer and legendary studio musician, Matt Rollings, it features “a mind-blowing list of guests that reads like a lineup for the Americana Music Awards, representative of his many contributions to roots music” (Jim Hynes in Glide Magazine).

With Matt Rollings Mosaic, Rollings steps into the spotlight while inviting some of his longtime collaborators to lend their talents to this remarkable new record. It features guest vocals from Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Alison Krauss, The War and Treaty, Molly Tuttle, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and Vince Gill among others. The album mixes Rollings originals with timeless classics and some of the more famous tunes he’s performed on over the years, showcasing Rollings’ own nuanced arrangements of these songs. All of the tracks were created live in the studio in collaboration with peerless drummer, Jay Bellerose, and with the late, much celebrated, Ed Cherney engineering.

The album has been met with acclaim from American Songwriter, Billboard, The Tennessean, The Houston Chronicle, and Rolling Stone (who premiered Rollings’ version of "That Lucky Old Sun" featuring Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Ramblin' Jack Elliott) as well as numerous music business insiders.

This is an exclusive and limited run of 180g Vinyl. All records are numbered and feature the iconic, in-studio images of renowned music photographer Michael Wilson.

Included with each pre-order is an instant, 96k hi-res download of the album

“Matt Rollings Mosaic is a masterpiece! it’s the REAL Americana.... highly evocative and emotional... I think it’s a major work of musical art - you’re onto something of consequence. Bravo! “ - Don Was

“Matt Rollings Mosaic is another example of Matt Rollings limitless range as a musician, arranger, and producer. I’ve been Matt’s biggest fan since meeting him in 1983. I’m so honored he included me as part of his latest work.” - Lyle Lovett

“After providing decades of heartfelt accompaniment to some of the most revered artists of our time, Matt Rollings steps into the spotlight himself. And the results are a revelation. Matt Rollings Mosaic is a master class of musical eloquence and grace.” - Jon Regen, Editor, KEYBOARD

"a gorgeous album.” - Brian Polson, Meaww

"Rollings delivers an elegant, classy record that not only showcases his keyboard and production skills but reveals the best in his superb guests as well.” - Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine

"an entertaining celebration of a most accomplished accompanist." - Steven Wine, Associated Press

“Matt Rollings may not be a household name to many, but in music circles, he’s piano-playing royalty.” - Joseph Hudak, Rolling Stone

“Beautiful” - Matthew Leimkuehler, The Tennessean

Matt Rollings - Piano, Organ and Keyboards
Jay Bellerose - Drums and Percussion

Recorded by Ed Cherney
Mixed by Ryan Hewitt
Mastered by Steve Fallone

Guest Vocalists:
Lyle Lovett
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
Willie Nelson
Alison Krauss
The War and Treaty
Lukas Nelson
Charlie Greene
Heidi Talbot
The Blind Boys of Alabama
Vince Gill
Molly Tuttle
Buddy Miller

Additional Musicians:
Viktor Krauss, Dennis Crouch, John McCusker, Phil Cunningham, John Leventhal, Jeff Coffin, Dominick Leslie, Glen Worff, Paul Franklin, Joe Murphy, Kris Wilkinson,Carole Rabinowitz, Alicia Enstrom, David Davisdson, David Angell, Jenny Biffano, Monisa Angela


Matt Rollings
United States

Matt Rollings is a Steinway artist

On stage playing piano, behind the board producing, or alongside an artist writing songs, Matt Rollings staunchly subscribes to a philosophy that powers all aspects of his creativity and has led him to become a multi-platinum, GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, pianist, and songwriter.

“My philosophy about music has three facets,” he affirms. “Mastery, innovation, and service. Mastery is the craft. It’s what I know how to do. Innovation involves the chances and risks I’m willing to take. Service is self-explanatory. Everything I do has to be in this spirit. If I’m producing or playing, I’m in service of the artist I’m working with. My job is to lift them up. If I’m an artist, my job is, ultimately, to be in service of the audience.”

This approach serves him well. The sought-after piano virtuoso’s performance discography spans thousands of recordings. These range from Eric Clapton, Lyle Lovett, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, and Queen to Metallica, The Dixie Chicks, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Mavis Staples, Sheryl Crow, and more.

In the producer’s chair, Matt uses his innovative approach to great effect. His work has been met both with critical acclaim and commercial success, with credits including Willie Nelson’s two most recent GRAMMY®-winning albums Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin, and My Way: Willie Nelson Sings Sinatra, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s GRAMMY®-nominated The Age of Miracles, Keith Urban’s multi-platinum self-titled breakthrough opus, and the Edwin McCain Band’s multi-platinum Misguided Roses.

As far as service goes, Matt regularly does clinics and masterclasses for students and professionals and hosts the online video series AskMattRollings, willingly dispensing wisdom accrued from nearly four decades in the business.

In many ways, his instrument speaks for him and has done so since he discovered it during childhood. “As an instrument, piano is the whole world to me,” he explains. “The landscape is all laid out. The piano covers so much musical ground. It can at once be an orchestra, a boogie-woogie band, or the smallest of lullabies.... It’s everything.”

The piano also ignited his career. The budding impresario had a major breakthrough when Lyle Lovett enlisted Matt’s talents for his 1986 eponymous debut. Matt has played on all of Lyle’s recordings since, and they’ve enjoyed a collaborative partnership and friendship that exceeds 33 years and includes touring as well as co-composing the score for Robert Altman’s film, Dr. T & The Women.

Within the Nashville scene, he is established as a sought-after collaborator whose unique voice graces numerous landmark releases. Continually recognized by the industry, the Academy of Country Music (ACM) notably awarded him “Pianist/Keyboardist of the Year” ten times (1991-1998, 2002, and 2007) in addition to four more nods.

The last few years have represented further evolution for Matt. In addition to touring with Alison Krauss and continuing to produce records for Willie Nelson, Blues Traveler and others, in 2019 he garnered a GRAMMY® nomination as an arranger (Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals) for the track “It Was A Very Good Year” on the album My Way: Willie Nelson Sings Sinatra. This album won the GRAMMY® for “Best Traditional Pop” album that year, earning Rollings another award as a producer.

2020 is bringing the release of Matt’s highly-anticipated solo album MATT ROLLINGS MOSAIC, which showcases his cumulative mastery as pianist, arranger, and producer with collaborators Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, The War and Treaty, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and more.

“My life in music is really a mosaic of sorts,” Matt says with a smile. “As a musician, I sit at the piano and try to coax beauty out of wood and wire, as a producer I join with singer and song to help make something bigger than both, and as an arranger, I look for some hidden truth in the music, a path of more or less. Mosaic is a conversation between all these parts of my musical life.”

In the end, Matt’s devotion to mastery, innovation, and service makes for an enduring connection with each show and song.

“To me, music is all about feeling,” he leaves off. “Yes, it involves craft and intellect, but it ultimately has to have feeling. That’s how I communicate to the world. It comes down to authenticity.”