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Piano Solo - Rene Urtreger - Numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
St Eustache
Rene Urtreger
Rene Urtreger
Side 2
Rene Urtreger


  • Artist : Rene Urtreger
  • Label : LP345 RECORDS
  • Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresJazz
  • Pressing500 Copies
  • Estimated delivery dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


Jazz legend Rene Urtreger, who has recorded with such luminaries as Miles Davis, Lester Young, Chet Baker and Serge Gainsbourg, releases a new solo piano album.
The three compositions recorded in the intimacy of a Parisian apartment, reveal themselves as amazingly fresh and timeless music.

Includes a download card.

Recorded and mixed by Julien Bassères At Barloyd’s on 01/29/2020.
Mastered by Minerva Pappi.
Piano prepared by Bastien Herbin.

LP345-Records est un label de Jazz, fruit de l’association de trois musiciens de renommée internationale, Luigi Grasso, Yaron Herman, Laurent Courthaliac, et du chef d’entreprise Peter Schnur.

De cette diversité est né le projet d'enregistrer « the Finest Jazz Performers » dans leur lieu de vie, ce qui confère une intimité d'expression rare aux artistes qui participent à l'aventure.
Chaque album 3 titres est un millésimé, que nous proposons en Vinyle et en digital.

LP345-Records is a Jazz record label created as a collaboration between three renown musicians, Luigi Grasso,Yaron Herman, Laurent Courthaliac, and a music lover entrepreneur, Peter Schnur.

Captured in their own personal living space, the artists have a rare opportunity of expression.
Each of the three titles is a millésimé, and the album is offered in Vinyl and digital formats.