Zenibuka - Time given, chosen lives - Numbered edition


Side A
The Forge of Hephaestus (Hades)
Stercus Infantem feat. MisterMV (The Binding of Isaac)
Zenibuka, MisterMV
The Heart of All Mothers feat. Renardine (Horizon Zero Dawn)
Zenibuka, Renardine
Threading needles (Hollow Knight)
Side B
Love Pies (Celeste)
Devil Level (Zanthem 2020)
Honor the Vanguard (Destiny)
Greener Pastures (Cadence of Hyrule)
Bonus Tracks
Stercus Infantem - Chiptune Demix (Bonus track)


  • Artist : Zenibuka
  • Label : Zenibuka Wreckords
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresInstrumentalSoundtrackChiptune
  • Pressing100 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


“Time given, chosen lives” is the result of 20 years of music, from harsh industrial EBM in the 2000's to rock and metal a few years back, Zenibuka has dabbled in different genres, experimenting with instruments as well as computer-generated music.
This album is inspired by some of his favorite videogames, proposing an extension of their experience and the feeling they leave the player with. Whether it be Celeste, Hollow Knight, Horizon Zero Dawn or The Binding of Isaac, this album goes beyond the mere homage to deliver a true interpretation of different universes. Think of it as the soundtrack for a game expansion yet to be released.
Marking 20 years of music as well as the composer’s 40th birthday, this album has been made with great care and passion.
The cover art has been made by french artist Guy-Pascal Vallez, whose strange and colorful worlds match perfectly with the mood set for this project.
The mastering was engineered by Julien "Rouksos" Van Egroo, a talented musician and sound wizard who has worked on music from MisterMV and the Remixers et Résonances collectives.
The style is varied from orchestral to chiptune and rock, to offer you a wide range of emotions and moods.

RAFFLE PRIZES ! Buy “Time given, chosen lives” on vinyl and you will have a chance to win one of 17 exclusive prizes from the album ! 1 copy of “Stercus Infantem” on 7” clear vinyl, 9 prints of the “Stercus Infantem” cover 12x12” and 7 frames of Binding of Isaac styled embroidered characters made by Renardine. Details and pictures of the raffle prizes :


♦ English : Charlie Houlmont aka Zenibuka is a french musician and composer, broadcaster and designer. A lifetime of passion and 20 years of composing, music is always at the heart of it all.
Previously known as Thou, Ill Mace Horn !, Zenibuka has made the most of what life has to bring to an amateur artist : from cheap and fixed instruments to free and glitchy computer tools. Experimental analogic music after hours of listening to Cage, Reich or Zorn, Electronic music inspired by Converter, Imminent Starvation or Aphex Twin, Metal and Rock to honor the legends... Today he's an old gamer and has finally an appropriate home studio to compose videogames-inspired music. Zenibuka's currently part of two musicians collectives who use their talent to raise money for charity event such as Games Done Quick or Zevent.
Zenibuka is a pretty outgoing dude and you can easily reach him on social media or his Discord.
♦ Français : Charlie Houlmont aka Zenibuka est un musicien et compositeur français, mais aussi un steamer et un designer. Une vie de passion et 20 ans de composition, la musique a toujours été au coeur de ses préoccupations.
Précédemment connu sous le nom Thou, Ill Mace Horn !, Zenibuka a su tirer le maximum de ce que la vie avait à lui offrir en tant qu’artiste amateur : des instruments bon marché bricolés aux logiciels de son gratuit et buggés. De la musique expérimentale analogique après des heures d’écoute de Cage, Reich et Zorn, de l’électro inspiré par Converter, Imminent starvation et Aphex Twin, du métal et du rock pour faire honneur aux légendes… Aujourd’hui c’est un vieux gamer qui a finalement installé son petit home studio pour composer des musiques inspirées de jeux vidéo.
Zenibuka fait en ce moment partie de deux collectifs de musiciens qui mettent leur talent au service d’oeuvre de charité en levant des fonds à l’occasion d’événements comme les Games Done Quick ou Zevent.
Zenibuka est quelqu’un d’accessible et vous pourrez aisément échanger avec lui sur les réseaux sociaux ou son Discord.