Belong - Losoul - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side A
Taste Not Waste
Late Play
Side B
Resisting Curare
Side C
Sunbeams And The Rain
Side D
Depth Control
You Can Do

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  • Artist : Losoul
  • Label : Two Dreamers
  • Format : 2 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryGermany
  • GenresMicro HouseMinimal Techno
  • Estimated delivery dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


20 years anniversary edition!

Losoul, whose real name is Peter Kremeier, has been one of the leading figures of legendary 90's and 00's German label Playhouse. He released numerous LPs and EPs during the last three decades, including underground hit “Open Door”. He also appeared under the names “Silhouette Electronique” and “Don Disco”.

Belong, originally released in 2000, gathers nine titles of pure electronic music. From minimalistic house (Taste not Waste), through 90's trip hop (Sunbeams in the rain) all the way to more experimental endeavors (Late Play). The album also includes the track “Overland” which samples the bassline of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson in an eccentric and joyful way.

Belong represents the 2000’s musical turn, with its delicate, smart, minimal and emotionally groovy sound. A pioneering yet soulful layout of independent electronic music.

In a limited edition this exclusive vinyl reissue for Diggers Factory celebrates the 20th anniversary of its release. For this occasion, a new mastering was done by POLE in the SCAPE studios, and a revisited cover, divided in 20 parts, reassembling as the original version of the artwork.


“Belong is one of the most important documents of early microhouse, helping to define the nascent scene upon its release in 2000.”

Losoul (Another Picture / Playhouse)

Pour toute la première génération d’amoureux de musiques électroniques, et malgré qu'il ai été une légende discrète, le nom de Losoul fait immédiatement écho à la minimal, la microhouse et le légendaire label Playhouse.
Fondé en 1993, Playhouse a été le lancement de Peter Kremeier (aka Losoul) pour qu’il devienne avec Isolée, Villalobos et d’autres, l’un des représentants clés du Label.
Losoul considère que “l’atmosphère est souvent dans l’espace entre les sons”. Sa génération d’artiste a créé quelque chose d’intemporel, permettant que leur musique reste bien vivante et pertinente jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Pour preuve, Peter ouvrira Another Picture en 2014. Son empreinte consiste à “entrer en contact avec le présent”. Ses morceaux sortis dans les années 90 sont d’ailleurs toujours joués par de DJs de tout âge.
Peter s’est familiarisé avec une multitude de genres musicaux. Funk, soul, jazz puis rap et hip hop. La musique est pour lui une question de mouvements et d’émotions, un voyage d’un état à l’autre, montrant pourquoi il a choisi le nom de “soul”. Quand ses productions sont apparus chez Playhouse, Losoul est devenu sa principale identité. Il a développé ses sonorités signature et a extrait les bases de la dance music pour créer un groove “à la manière de Losoul”.
Sa discographie continue de grandir et inclut des sorties récentes sur des labels tels que Amam, Hartchef, Hypercolour, Logistic Rec., Karat et Tardis. Ses compositions ont été remixées par Matthew Herbert et Theo Parrish entres autres. Du côté des remixs, Losoul a travaillé avec Jay Haze, Ark mais aussi The Freaks avant de collaborer avec la nouvelle école de Brandt Brauer Frick chez Tartelet, the Prospector crew ou Kettenkarussell chez Giegling.
Losoul joue dans les salles undergrounds et dans des évènements partout dans le monde dans des institutions telles que La Fabric, Le Rex Club et le Panorama Bar, partout sur la scène internationale.

Losoul (Another Picture / Playhouse)

Losoul, his name instantly brings to mind associations with minimal or microhouse, of reduction and continuity, and consequently the now held legendary label Playhouse. This rings true for the early generation of electronic music lovers, although Losoul is a most discrete legend.
Founded in 1993, Playhouse pre-dates those and Peter Kremeier alias Losoul would become one of the imprint’s key players alongside Isolée, Villalobos and others.
Losoul found that “atmosphere is often in the space between the sounds.” His generation of artists created something so perpetual their music is alive and kicking to this day. So much so, that Peter opened Another Picture in 2014. His imprint claims “making contact with the present” and with the third release there came a repress of Synchro, a classic track first out on Playhouse in 1997, which continues to be played by artists of any age
Peter’s early musical socialisation was a mix of styles. Funk, soul, naturally jazz, and then early rap and hiphop. Music for Peter is as much motion as emotion, a journey from one state to another, and it is evident why he chose “soul” for his name. When his productions appeared on Playhouse, Losoul became the prevalent identity. He developed his sound signature and abstracted the basics of dance music for tracks now regarded classic Losoul grooves.
His discography grew continuously and includes recent releases on labels like Amam, Hartchef, Hypercolour, Logistic Rec., Karat and Tardis. His tracks have been remixed by Matthew Herbert and Theo Parrish among many others. On remixing duties Losoul has worked with Jay Haze, Ark as well as The Freaks and further elevates the new garde like Brandt Brauer Frick on Tartelet, the Prospector crew or Kettenkarussell on Giegling.
Losoul usually plays at underground venues and events all over the world including renowned institutions such as Fabric, Rex Club, Panorama Bar or CdV as well as Womb, D-Edge, Closer and the likes on the international spectrum.