Il Wedding Kollektiv - BRODO - Hand numbered edition


Side A
Ipersfera relazionale
Il Wedding Kollektiv
Cio' che resta del fuoco
Il Wedding Kollektiv
Il Wedding Kollektiv
Side B
Sabato 16 Giugno
Il Wedding Kollektiv
A proposito del tuo candore
Il Wedding Kollektiv



Composed in Berlin, recorded between Berlin and Rome, also mixed in a windmill in Donoussa, BRODO is the first album of 'Il Wedding Kollektiv', an ensemble of Berlin and Roman musicians, well-known of the Italian independent music scene.
The songs contained in the album mix rock, electronic music, free jazz, classical music and come from a therapeutic use of musical composition, a use that Alessandro Denni began to make during 2017, in Wedding, a district of Berlin where he currently lives, in a personally complicated moment.
From a very difficult moment, of personal suffering can be born beauty, relationship, pleasure?
The answer is in these five songs, the answer is YES.
BRODO is a set of ideas, sensitivity, experiences
BRODO has cooked slowly, we took more than two years to compose it, record it, mix it
BRODO talks about life
Do you want a jazz trumpet? There is it in BRODO
Do you want a classical cello? BRODO has it
A new wave drums? BRODO also has that
BRODO is something else, listen to it!
The lyrics (in italian language) are entrusted to JLF, a young girl, writer, author of intimate, violent, raw words.
Gianluca Cannizzo, Aka MyPosterSucks, designer from Turin, author of posters, t-shirts, objects, realized the cover and the record's graphic concept.

This record will be numbered by hand soo get your own exclusive copy !

Il Wedding Kollektiv

'Il Wedding Kollektiv' is a Rome/Berlin based art rock/elettronic project born from an Alessandro Denni's (author, arranger, producer in GRONGE, SONA, GOAH and others) idea.
Alessandro wrote about twenty songs between 2017 and 2018 and proposed them to
Tiziana Lo Conte (unmistakable voice in GRONGE, GOAH, currently ROSELUXX, and side projects),
Claudio Moneta (guitarist, composer in GOAH, ROSELUXX and side projects),
Inke Kühl (violinist, saxophonist, Berlin performer, also for many years in GRONGE).
Among the twenty songs, five was chosen to become 'BRODO'.
Some musicians from the Roman independent music scene added to the four during the record session: a jazz trumpet, a classical cello, a new wave drum and so on.