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Candeleros - Candeleros - Limited Edition Vinyl


Face A
Cabeza Pela´. ft Carlos Tález
La Cumbia del Chinche
Cha Cha Chá
El Boleta
Face B
Panas, Parces, Guachos. ft Faauna
Arepa Golpista
Dubby Wantón "Dodosound Dub Style"



Drawing from influences like Cumbia, Merengue, Dub and afro-caribbean rhythms, Candeleros surrender to a sort of exorcism full of differents sounds in which they reach altered states of consciousness. All of this includes percussion sounds coming from the beyond, Andean echoes, cinematic atmospheres and tunes that seem to come from an old episode of The Twilight Zone. Candeleros music is like digging into a postmodernism hole to find the very pure of tropicalismo.

Candeleros has worked hand in hand with great artists such as Dodosound (Iseo&Dodosound), Faauna and Carlos Tález, among others. A diverse group of music lovers that perfectly shows that Candeleros has no prejudices. Candeleros is the living proof that Cumbia has come to Europe to stay.

Candeleros is a plurinacional group of six people that come from Colombia and Venezuela. They have their operational center in Madrid, from where they try to expand a multicoloured psychedelic sound to dance. ‘Echar una candela’ is commonly known as the improvised reunion around the tobacco, fire and music. ‘La candela’ also is the measurement for the lights units and their intensity. ‘Candela’ and ‘fuego’ are also used as metaphors for passion, hit and love.

Candeleros goal is to unify the afro-caribbean sounds as a proof of identity, folklore and modernity. William, Fernando, Urko, Sergio, Alex and Andrés come from places where we can listen to rhythms like Cumbia and Son. They have mixed these rhythms alongside with percussion sounds and guitars to create a sort of psychedelic ritual.

The members of Candeleros have crossed paths thanks to gathering of the latino american people around art and culture. In Madrid there are several associations that work to showcase the music and the History from Latin America. Every association has differents projects but all of them are focused in cultural activism, music and dancing.

During their four years of musical trajectory, Candeleros has performed in differents shows around Europe. They have performed in important festivals such as L.A.M.C (NYC), Sonorama Ribera (Spa), Trans Musicales de Rennes (Fra), Sziget Festival (Budapest), Festival BAM (Barcelona), Monkey Week (Sevilla).

Candeleros have performed in very important venues such as Hard Rock Café Madrid, La Riviera, Sala Caracol, among others. They have also performed in open spaces such as Plaza Mayor (Madrid), Matadero - Madrid and Tierno Galván park in Madrid. Furthermore, Candeleros has performed around Madrid in their very well known streets parties of Lavapies and La Latina.

Candeleros has also travelled to other lands to take part of great events such as Forum do Futuro en Porto (Portugal), MIL Lisbon (international music network). As well as in well known parties like Muévelo! in Paris and Baile Tropicante in Lisbon.

In addition to all of this, Candeleros music can be found in music platforms such as KEXP radio, Radio Gladys Palmera and Sofar Sounds Madrid.