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Hunting for Lights - Elle - Limited Edition Vinyl


Face A
Cold Blood
Blue Bird
A Saolin
Hello Demon
Face B
Deaf Punk
Hunting For Lights


  • Artist : Elle
  • Label : Tzar Music
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresElectronicaFolkPop
  • Pressing100 Copies


A wise architect once said: Humanity needs dreams to be able to survive the miseries of daily existence, even if only for an instant. Kalle Zeier, a boy from the South-West of Germany that once moved to a big city called Berlin, knows about this truth.
He is playing the guitar since his he was nine. During his school days he performed with a Big Band. When he moved from the countryside to the city light, he studied jazz at the Jazz-Institut Berlin - Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler and after a while he found himself in the middle of a large ensemble that listens to the name Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra. Since 2009 they
have released four albums on Alien Transistor, the sensitive curated label of the German band The Notwist. During all this time the 34-old musician always wrote songs for himself, that so far he just shared with his very own emotions.
Now comes Elle, his new project that brings his delicious songwriter and singer skills to a wider audience. As a full-time musician, who also performed as a live guitarist for the Ghanaian musician, arranger and composer Ebo Taylor for a while, Kalle meets people that love music all the time. Also the French musician Damien Vandesande crossed his way one day and Kalle
helped him and his bands dOP and Les Fils Du Calvaire with some of his guitar abilities for their productions and live shows. A deeply friendship emerged, that build a lot of trust between the shy guitar player and the always moving house and techno producer. It was Damian who convinced Kalle not only play his songs on the guitar, also to sing to them in his deep unique
introverted way. For about two years they met during day light in Damian’s studio. Kalle brought songs that lyrically deal with personal agendas, people, experiences, emotions, fears and all the demons that come around during lifetime. He all knew them as acoustic treasures. In the studio they transformed into something new. Shimmering electronical vibes hugged them.
Percussions, synthesizer sounds, flute, trombone and cello notes came around too. Also many friends and family visited the studio constantly. Clément Zemtsov, Damian’s former companion in dOP, was around and played percussions. Kalle’s cousin, the electric bass player Thomas Stieger, some Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra band members as well as the The Notwist
drummer Andi Haberl, came to the studio too. In addition Kalle himself played the guitar like other people hug their closes relatives and layer by layer the former acoustic songs emerged into the multidimensional sounding album “Hunting For Light”, on
which Kalle seduces as a non-professional singer with a catchy hopeful melancholic voice. An intimate musical sensation that Kalle does not see as a solo work.
For him his new band Elle is rooted in a teamwork that gives each single participant somehow the chance to play a leading role.
The result is a heavy touching compendium of simply structured songs that can help in any circumstance of life. You can slowly dance your fears away. You can sing-a-long entirely and if you like, you can identify yourself with any single note, word or vibe.
A record that spends light and that stays fascinating due to his many sounding sources. At large it feels like something that emerged instantaneous out of some human souls that wanted to fight their demons with music. If you want to get rid of yours too, crank up the volume and lose yourself in this seven haunting in-depth compositions.