Kraut feat. René Opsedee - Confetti (incl. Acid Pauli remix) - Numbered edition


Side A
Confetti (Original mix)
Kraut ft René Opsedee
Side B
Confetti (Acid Pauli remix)
Kraut ft René Opsedee


  • Artist : Kraut feat. René Opsedee
  • Label : The Other Eye
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryNetherlands
  • GenresDeep HouseElectronicaSpoken Word
  • Pressing200 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


Dear friends,

Finally, we can tell the world about this very special release that you can be part of:

On the 26 of June 2018, our beloved friend Bas Engels was taken out of this world. A few days after the news broke, Kraut and René Opsedee had a vision at one of Bas’ favorite festivals, Fusion. A tribute had to be made for this loving, colorful soul, this rebel and founding father of  Shoeless, Alter Ego Night and Confetteria.

A week later the track Confetti was born with the spot-on words of Dutch poet Rene Oskam and sung by Belgian singer René Opsedee. A mesmerizing tribute to the man who touched the lives of so many people in the Amsterdam music scene.

On the same day, the track came together, Kraut shared the track with Acid Pauli, also a good friend of Bas through music. During sundown that same day he played the track for many of Bas’ friends and family. It was a special moment. There, Acid Pauli decided to do his one version to celebrate the positive impact Bas had on him as well.

One of the last conversations Kraut had with Bas was about setting up a new label/agency to give the talent they were surrounded with a platform to grow beyond themselves. Now this conversation has become reality and The Other Eye is the result of Bas’ dream to connect creatives in new ways. Everyone who worked on the EP is either a good friend of Bas or has been touched otherwise by his enthusiasm.

So... We’re proud as can be to present the first tangible result in the form of an EP named Confetti, the stuff Bas liked to throw around in almost unlimited quantities. The Confetti EP is a physical tribute to Bas in an attempt to capture the soul of everything he stood for. Included are an exclusive remix by Acid Pauli and artwork by the talented Lotte van de Hoef.

Will you join?

To get this EP on vinyl we started a crowdfunding campaign. If 151 people order the EP, we’ve reached break-even and the record will be printed.  The price for this EP is 13 euro. We have 30 days to make it happen. 

Let’s do it, now!

Kraut feat. René Opsedee