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    Cranberry Kiss
    Face B
    Sub Zero

    • Artist : Kamggarn
    • Label : Dirty Melody
    • Format : 1 x 7" (140g)
    • Country : United Kingdom
    • Genres : PsychedelicRock
    • Pressing : 300 Copies
    • Estimated delivery date : December 2019

    Birthed from London’s thriving garage-psych scene, Kamggarn formed in the summer of 2016 as Meat Candy and have since been
    paying their dues for the circuits best venues and promoters. Spotted early by independent tastemakers Dirty Melody Records they
    released their debut vinyl EP and have now announced their upcoming full-length.
    The Smashing Pumpkins meets Sonic Youth slacker grunge guitars of ‘Cranberry Kiss’ give a distorted but refrained introduction to
    Kamggarn’s beautifully nuanced classic songwriting. It crescendos with every corner of the track battling under walls of feedback
    for centre stage, buckling under the weight of powerhouse drums and an addictively catchy chorus hook.
    One of the first tracks the group wrote together, it remains more relevant than ever to the band’s current sound and state of mind.
    We’re told it’s a song about “the feeling of constantly fighting yourself and being trapped in a cage of inexistent rules that only you
    With a common interest in 70’s prog and modern psychedelia, Kamggarn formed at 123 studios in Peckham where Brett Shaw has
    also recorded the bulk of their output. Following this they’ve already shared stages with international heavyweights such as Wand,
    Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Mystery Lights, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Mr. Airplaneman and Swedish Death Candy.
    ‘Cranberry Kiss’ is taken from Kamggarn’s debut album ‘Psych Aux Tropiques’ out September 2019.

    Dirty Melody
    United Kingdom

    Dirty Melody is an independent label from East London. Making music and disappointing our parents since 2010. Well actually long before that, but it was in 2010 that illustrator, musician and misanthrope Mcbess put a name to this label. Someone's skiving off work to write this you know.