Initium - Dantian Collective - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Paper (feat. Planet Asia)
Dantian Collective
Go Getta
Dantian Collective
Snappin' Nex
Dantian Collective
Body Bags (feat. Loc Barz)
Dantian Collective
Break Bread (feat. Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr & Anyway Tha God)
Dantian Collective
Side 2
Keep It Real
Dantian Collective
Dantian Collective
Verbal Assault (feat. Rim P)
Dantian Collective
What You Want (feat. Ruste Juxx)
Dantian Collective
Now You See Me
Dantian Collective



Initium is the debut album of hard-hitting UK Boombap Hiphop crew Dantian Collective. Bringing back that Golden 90's-Era to the modern-day landscape.

The 2-man group hails from UK and originally started out being signed to New York record label Bentley Records before cutting ties and going independent with London indie label RapXchange.
All their works are self-created, self-funded and self-made at UB4 Studios in London with Executive Production, mix & mastering from Sub One of One Plug Productions.

Known as “Sifu” (Teacher in terms of Chinese Martial Arts) by those close to him KG-Chi is an MC with over 30 years love for the real Hip-Hop scene. 
KG-Chi believes the same positive, committed and exuberant energy shown in Kung-Fu could be translated into the crews’ love of Hip-Hop music. Hence the birth of Dantian Collective. 
KG-Chi followed Hip-Hop since the late-80s early-90s days of Tim Westwood and was inspired to start his own moves in the game with a crew called Wesconek. 
He then took a sabbatical after the death of his Sound Engineer and close-friend Supa-Eye RIP (White City, Shepherds Bush) before returning a decade later with his AWA Kung-Fu brother Bulg to form Chi Elements. 
With over 30 years knowledge of Kung-Fu, which is a way-of-life, KG-Chi (aka “Spitfire General”) is known to be fully dedicated with his passion for Hip-Hop beats/lyrics and concepts to the point of near obsession (with the same vigour as his training and teaching). 
KG-Chi continues to teach AWA Martial Arts (continuing on the legacy of Sifu Master Alan Winner RIP) and has been to China & Hong Kong to further his knowledge from the teachings of Shaolin & Grandmaster Ip Chun. 
Doggedly determined and dedicated, whether it’s Wing Chun, Sanshou, Wushu, Tai-Chi, Meditation or Hip-Hop KG-Chi sees no other way but to “do it 100% or else don’t do it at all”! 
Not one to mince words, self-confessed Hip-Hop "puritan" KG-Chi plans to keep original Hip-Hop heads bopping along with the resuscitation of what is called real Hip-Hop. 
Dantian Collective have begun a blueprint for the rebirth & recapture of the essence of 90s Boom-Bap Hip-Hop.


Mista-E aka "The Man With No Style" is a member of 2-piece group Dantian Collective (with many strings to his bow). 
As one of the founders Mista-E not only managed to put Dantian Collective in a favourable position for musical output but also played a key role in brokering a deal with Bentley Records. All achieved within a couple months. 
Mista-E inadvertently stands out with his distinctive voice and ability to flow differently on any track he jumps on. 
He is a firm believer of "teamwork making the dream work" and although you can dissect "me" from the words team and dream, everything is about "us" no matter the opportunity. 
He has also worked with Eternal of Wu Killa Bees, featured on DJ Flipcyide's Wu Files 5 with the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, the late Sean Price, Rustee Juxx, Planet Asia and various other artists, as well as recorded a couple tracks for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition's own DJ Wiz including Wiz's album Sic of being overlooked which also features artists such as Snoop Dogg, Eternal of Wu Killa Beez and YDB to name a few, although he is uncredited on the track "Next Chapter". 
He sees those opportunities as building blocks in the prelude to Dantian and without a shadow of a doubt feels Dantian Collective can be the greatest rap group ever assembled in the UK, Europe and eventually Worldwide.

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