Face A
    They Say...
    The Sickness ft Osunlade & Jesse Gannon
    Rich Medina
    Face B
    They Say... (Burlie Mac Remix)
    The Sickness (Instrumental)
    Rich Medina

    • Artist : Various Artists
    • Label : Yoruba Records
    • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
    • Country : United States
    • Genres : Deep HouseSoulSpoken Word
    • Pressing : 200 Copies
    • Estimated delivery date : Delivery within 2 to 7 days

    Osunlade presents Racially Charged featuring philly's own scholar and speaker of our time, Rich Medina and newcomer Aturah, a poet and writer hailing from St Louis. Here we bring into focus the reality of the racial tensions and affects of todays world especially that of the USA. Two stories are the setting for this release but not out of the norm in what we see and experience as people of color. Rich offers "The Sickness" featuring backing vocals by Osunlade & piano by Yoruba Soul's Jesse Gannon. Along with a rare b side instrumental. Aturah's "They Say" tells the true story of Danye Jones, yet another sad story of police brutality experienced amongst black men in America. Including a remix from Yoruba newcomer and 1/2 of po-lar-i-ty, Burlie Mac This ones not for the faint at heart but we are challenging and making no excuses for our rage! This project produced by Osunlade and mastered by Atjazz promises truth and a message warranted and some foot stompin all at once. We hope you enjoy and support this release!

    United States

    Osunlade is an artist who
    personifies art. His music as well as
    his being creates unified melodies
    manifested with balance, life and
    wisdom. Hailing from St. Louis
    Missouri, a place known for
    pioneering blues, ragtime and jazz
    as well. At age seven Osunlade
    discovered the piano and the vision
    of his life’s destiny was born. By the
    age twelve he found an interest in
    creating song. He later formed local
    bands, taught himself several instruments and studied further the development of his craft.
    His professional journey began in 1988, at age seventeen during a visit to Hollywood. He quickly caught
    the ear of choreographer/performer Toni “Mickey” Basil. Offering him a role in the development of
    musical pieces for several projects including the children’s television series Sesame Street. With her
    encouragement he quickly moved to Los Angeles and began what would become a long history of music
    production. A few years later he would produce the very first album for the then independent Interscope
    Records. The artist was Gerardo, a long time friend and aspiring actor/dancer. “Rico Suave” one of the
    very first Latin pop songs and novelty catch phrases to date was born. Now with a multi-platinum album
    and four gold singles to his name, it wasn’t long before he was afforded many opportunities to master
    his craft.
    Within the next years and over twenty albums credited, Osunlade felt the pressures and practices of the
    music business overshadowed his passion of music. He decided to no longer work under the influences
    of corporate ideals and demands. Choosing to find spiritual solace and honor his soul, he was led to Ifa,
    an ancestral based culture/religion based on nature, deriving from the Yoruba tribes of Africa and
    practiced by the slaves during the Diaspora to America.
    In 1999, Osunlade would embark on what is now his dream come true. The founding of Yoruba Records.
    Recognized as one of the most important dance music labels worldwide, Yoruba Records is purely a
    source of music created to elevate the soul.
    As the success of the label grew, so did the demand for Osunlade to expand. In 2001 he released his
    debut album on the respected Soul Jazz Records label. “Paradigm” quickly became one of the biggest
    house albums that year and dubbed him the messiah of ancestral house music. With the support of DJ’s
    worldwide and his music now introduced to a wider spectrum of listeners, this veteran
    musician/composer/producer becoming the artist finally achieved balance within.
    Now known for his legendary DJ sets, remixes and albums including several mix cd’s, Osunlade has
    placed himself on solid ground maintaining his reputation of unparalleled quality in music.