Karabine - Octobre Rouge


Side A
Red October
Karabine (snippet)
Riot Congas
Karabine (snippet)
Side B
Karabine (snippet)
Karabine (snippet)


  • Artist : Karabine
  • Label : Citizen Records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresElectroTechno
  • Pressing300 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


Karabine is a new projectfrom a seasoned French producer, a pseudonym that will allow himto develop musicwithout a specific format, open to any mannerof horizons: electronic, techno, IDM, industrial, breaks, ambient... To avoid being cataloguedorforced into one style, Karabine aimsto create music that freely expresses his passion, often influenced by Britishtechnoartists such as Slam,Bicep, Aphex Twin, Luke Slater andDaniel Avery.Listening to the first 12", you'll recognise a certain maturity and in-depth knowledge of hismachines' potential. He mostly uses analoguesynths(MiniMoog, Korg MS-20), anAccess Virus TIsynthesiser, a few Ableton effects and some concrete sounds,metallic recordings that have been deformed and altered, forming the backboneof certain tracks.Restrained violence, industrial tones, filth-encrusted melodies...The first tracks reveal an impressive intensity and unique personality. Thisstrong selection is destined to be followed bycalmer tracks with similarlyrich textures.After this first springtime 12",Karabine already envisages creating enough music to fill an album. This is just the beginningof the story...

Citizen Records was created in 2001 by Pascal Arbez-Nicolas, formely known as Vitalic. This major producer from the electronic scene wanted to develop a real musical laboratory, and so was born Citizen, a label with really wide range of music and universe.
More than the search of a new sound, the label aim to gives the opportunity to newcomers, so is the label motto :
Citizen Records "Fresh Blood Only" !