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Bad seed - Skunk kut & Monkey D - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side A
Bad seed - (original mix)
Skunk kut & Monkey D
Bad seed - (Riddim version)
Skunk kut & Monkey D
Side B
Bet on love - (original mix)
Skunk kut & Monkey D
Bet on love - (Riddim version)
Skunk kut & Monkey D



The first vinyl of the Skunk Kut & Monkey D duet. The Parisian Dubmaker and MC from Brest are proud to introduce their first physical EP. The perfect mix between powerfull live Dub and sweet reggae vibrations

Premier vinyle du duo Skunk kut et Monkey D.
Le dubmaker Parisien et le MC Brestois sont fiers de vous présenter cet EP physique. Le mélange parfait du dub entraînant et de la vibration du reggae.

SKUNK KUT started playing music at the age of 14 as a DJ. He comes from Hip Hop but is open to all musical styles. In 2009, he started composing and joined the dub band RTSF, making his debut live alongside High Tone, Kanka, Brain damage, Kaly live dub, Dubamix and many others. It is after an EP and an album with RTSF that he starts his solo career. In 2017, his first EP "Subatomic" was released by Marée Bass. A dub with multiple influences combining sounds ranging from dark to roots, punctuated by collaborations with talented Mc's like Monkey D or Janiss Anton. In 2018, he continues his momentum with a second EP, released by ODG. Deeper, inspired and ethnic, this second opus proves that the Parisian dubmaker does not remain on his achievements and seeks to develop his music and his universe.

MONKEY D started at about the same time (16 years old) when he moved from one experience to another mixing Ska, Punk, Reggae, Metal, Hip Hop. Any merger is good to take! He has spent the last three years with Politricks, Reggae Band from Brest, with whom he will release an EP, open for Pablo Moses and Gladiators among others and will be performing at festivals such as the West Fest and Ker-Zion. In parallel, he launched his solo project in 2016, which was echoed by the dubmakers Skunk Kut (Fr), Switchy Dub (Fr), Sak Dub I (Jp) and others. The monkey now offers a hybrid Reggae Hip Hop between Old & New School that should satisfy lovers of the genre!