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Monoverse - Autolect - Hand numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Stalking The Pendulum
Side 2
Stalking The Pendulum (Instrumental)


  • Artist : Autolect
  • Label : PIR 38°
  • Format : 1 x 7" (g)
  • CountryMalaysia
  • GenresTrip Hop
  • Pressing100 Copies


Format: 7" single w/ USB Album (512mb)

Label: PIR 38`/ PER Music Library

More Info:

Reissue of Limited 140gram vinyl + 512mb USB Album (7 tracks) from RSD UK 2017. Marketing the 7 year (Feb. 25th 2010) anniversary of the albums original digital only release. The Mononauts world of Hip-Hop came alive with music that is here to make a mark on the hearts and minds of the progressive listeners. On one hand, Hip-Hop music makers Ridwan ‘onBeats' (FKA ‘Fanatik' of StoneThrow Records) and Hasan ‘Atiq' (AKA Basmala) join forces to compose the eerily ecstatic and on the other, two veteran producers Rob Bass (FKA:Fanatik) and Hasan Atiq (FKA: Autolect) collaborate on their debut album “Monoverse" (2010) to create music that treads the domain of the unexplored. But that's not all.


Autolect Grew up in the uk at the “twin bases” Bentwaters air force base & RAF Woodbridge, Bentwaters is also known as the location for the alleged december 1980 ufo incident in rendlesham forest. And where he first heard hip-hop transmitted from a pirate radio station in the north sea.
Studio credits include sessions with dj Shadow & Mario C. / James Lavelle & mo’wax (“living in my headphones”), fanatik (onbeats), Amani k. Smith (producer on public enemy’s revolverlution) and pomo of blend crafters.