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One Way Trip to the Sun - DiTCH - Numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
One Way Trip to the Sun
Side 2
Obey the Mountain
Michael Madsen


  • Artist : DiTCH
  • Label : Dark Skies Coming
  • Format : 1 x 10" (g)
  • CountryNetherlands
  • GenresSpace RockStoner Rock
  • Pressing200 Copies


DiTCH is a Stoner Rock band from Den Haag, the Netherlands. Back in 2013 the band recorded their debut album, "Boca Do Inferno". In recent years the band has been on a hiatus, but the 3 remaining band members rekindled the fire and are about to start the recording on their 2nd album. Throughout 2018 one of the tracks of their debut album became surprisingly popular on YouTube due to the appearance on a tracklist. Before the band heads into the future it would like to give this particular song ("One Way Trip to the Sun") the special vinyl treatment. In a limited run of just 200 pieces we would like to give you the opportunity to own this splendid track on a black disc. Thank you in advance for supporting the band and for your specific support for this spontaneous track.

DiTCH: a Stoner Rock band from Den Haag, the Netherlands. Making groovy, heavy, raunchy Black Sabbath-infused, Kyuss-inspired, Clutch-favorited songs with an old-school sound and a no-nonsense attitude. Released a debut album ("Boca Do Inferno") in December 2013 and slowly slid into a slumber. 2019 Is the year the band is back on track! With a new line-up, some brand new songs, and plans for a second full-length album, DiTCH will storm the stages once more.