Face A
    we-are-brothers ft leeto b thale
    Face B
    villa royale
    com-pro-mise ft jesse gannon

    • Artist : po-lar-i-ty
    • Label : Yoruba Records
    • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
    • Country : United States
    • Genres : Deep HouseHouseElectronic
    • Pressing : 500 Copies

    It is in the spirit of pulling opposites together that Yoruba Records presents its first project for 2019, “we-are-brothers” by po-lar-i-ty.

    po-lar-i-ty = the brain child of Osunlade and Burlie Mac.

    po-lar-i-ty = A collaboration exploring sonic nuances of polar opposites.

    Their first encounter occurred during the 2015 edition of Burning Man, where they both performed in the same DJ camp. Having mutual admiration for each other’s work, Osunlade began mentoring the Galway, Ireland native. This project is testament of that mentorship and a testament of the quick musical evolution Burlie has taken as both a producer and DJ.

    “nawlin’s” is an ethereal celebration to one of the most beloved places on earth. Nothing feels overwhelming, there’s a beautiful feeling of flow, a feeling of just being. This vibe is shared on the b-side with “com-pro-mise” featuring Yoruba Soul favorite, Jesse Gannon on the keys.

    You might have heard Osunlade playing the original version of Burlie Mac’s “villa royale” at recent events and with good reason. This slow deep house burner has rocked dancefloors all over the world and now the original gets the po-lar-i-ty retouch. OG will be available in the digital edition of this release.

    The title track is the ethos of this project. With all of the elements of Yoruba Soul TNT in place, Leeto Thale gives a powerful and timely spoken word performance about the need for us to come together.

    “Drag” is a cosmic-reaching deep tech number for the late night dance floor.

    Analyzing these times, is it possible to find polarity the pulls towards rather than push away? They say opposites attract, but there’s an overwhelming feeling that the present moment can’t really make us come together. But it can.

    we-are-brothers and we are going to teach each other how to be beautiful again…

    United States

    Raised by a Father and Mother who were a musician & abstract painter, respectively, Eric Welton AKA Emmaculate was groomed for the arts. As a child he dug into his parents’ and older brother’s record collection spanning from The Beatles & James Taylor to Run D.M.C. & The Fat Boys. Growing up on the outskirts of Chicago, he was exposed to the sounds of House Music in the late 80’s as a young teenager.
    In 1990, Eric started collecting House & Hip Hop records and learning how to blend. One of his close friends had an older cousin who was a DJ with an extensive record collection, but was incarcerated. Eric’s friend brought this collection over to his house, which turned out to be a treasure chest of 80’s House Music. The obsession began. Eric’s mixtapes quickly caught the ear of some older guys in the area. They took him in under their wings, taught him much more about the music & culture, took him to legendary record stores Importes Etc & Gramaphone, & introduced him to a professional recording studio. This all led to Eric starting to DJ basement & house parties as a teenager, some thrown by a budding young promoter, Julius the Mad Thinker (co-founder of Mi Casa Holiday), who is one of Eric’s high school friends.
    Eric was nicknamed Emmaculate as a play on words because of his immaculate attention to detail & quality. He developed his DJ’ing & production skills in House Music & Hip Hop, and became one of the go to producers and sound engineers in Chicago. He has worked as a producer and mix engineer for many top Urban Music artists in the US, as well as DJ’d countless events. Over the years, Emmaculate forged relationships with some of the Chicago legends of House Music, giving him an invaluable education and mentorship.
    2017 marked the year that Emmaculate began releasing music as an artist himself. His break out single, “Do It” ft. vocalist Kaye Fox, was released on Terry Hunter’s T’s Box Records and reached the top 10 Soulful House chart on Traxsource. Since then he has released several singles, remixes & an EP on T’s Box, Dopewax, & S&S Records. He has played live sets at Mi Casa Holiday in Mexico several times, as well as Amsterdam Dance Event in 2017 & 2018 for T’s Box & Chosen Few DJ’s. For 2019, Emmaculate already has a release slated with Osunlade’s Yoruba Records & a number of releases on T’s Box, which he now manages operations for. He is confirmed for Mi Casa Holiday’s 2019 line up, & currently accepting bookings.