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Real Time - Richard Spaven - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Spin (Feat. Jordan Rakei)
Richard Spaven
Helsinki Trio
Richard Spaven
Faded (Feat. Jordan Rakei)
Richard Spaven
Richard Spaven
Show Me What You Got (Feat. Jordan Rakei)
Richard Spaven
Side 2
Richard Spaven
Celestial Blues (Feat. Jordan Rakei and Jameszoo)
Richard Spaven
Stay Close
Richard Spaven
Loved One
Richard Spaven


  • Artist : Richard Spaven
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • GenresHip HopJazzElectronic
  • Pressing200 Copies


After the release of critically acclaimed first single ‘Faded’ featuring Jordan Rakei (Record of the week on BBC6 Music) and second single ‘Spin’ which is currently making waves on streaming platforms and DJ sets, Richard Spaven is proud to present his new studio album ‘Real Time’.

Recorded live during a week at Real World Studios in the Bath countryside, ‘Real Time’ captures the artfulness of a band of musicians creating something truly unique. Richard’s history with his long time band became an inspiration for what you will hear on this record. His collaboration with vocalist Jordan Rakei continues - exceeding expectations after an intense week-long residential recording session. Featuring on four album tracks, ‘Faded’ and ‘Spin’ as well as two highly original versions of some classics - Busta Rhymes’ ‘Show Me What You Got’ and ‘Celestial Blues’, Jordan delivering his contempt soul on this spiritual jazz classic.

Also in attendance co-writer and long-standing band members Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath) on guitars and bassist Robin Mullarkey (Jacob Collier), with Oli Rockberger (Laura Mvula) joining on keys. Notable for their diverse production skills, Frederic Robinson (Medschool) and Jameszoo (Brainfeeder) join Richard on Real Time. The inclusion of their intricate sound design and warped distorted abstract sees that the music on Real Time is elevated to new levels.

Throughout the 9 tracks of the album, Richard on drums plays artfully with the beats, subtlety abounds yet grooving hard in constantly shifting, unexpected turns of rhythmic layers. The result is contemporary electronica yet with the feel of a live album, from a group of exquisitely talented forward-thinking musicians who are not bound by any genres but thrive in the simple idea of creating and playing together.

Quote from idrum magazine :

Some people navigate the world quietly, treading softly wherever they go, leaving only a small impression, but an impression that lasts nonetheless. Richard Spaven is such a person, his humble attitude and down-to-earth, warm personality actually draws people to him and when you hear what he has to say musically on the drum set, you know you should be paying close attention.

In this current world of cut-throat business, hire and fire mentality and quick-fix it is refreshing to listen to a player that can deliver without adding any further brouhaha to the mix, a player that has his own unique take on how to make things swing, groove and excite, not only the artist that he is working for, but the audience too. With all these qualities, you
now you are in the company of a great musician.