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Eye Of The Kraken - DJ Kraken - Numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Caught in the Rain
DJ Kraken
The Ripple Effect
DJ Kraken


  • Artist : DJ Kraken
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresDrum & Bass
  • Pressing200 Copies


With the feeling of life being at a stable level one minute and then turning to chaos and anger the next, this album was created. The intros begin melodic like a beautiful day that nothing can go wrong and then turn into a chaotic destructive bass force that represents the forces we can't control, which can change that beautiful day into a day of hell and anger.

United States

Kraken aka DVS is a member of an elite team of mix masters/producers from Chicago, IL in the United States of America. He has been a vinyl DJ since 2005 and has shared the stage with some of the most famous Deejays/Producers in the world. His love for House and Drum n Bass music led him to become a producer of both genres , which began in 2015. From melodic intros to surprising floor moving bass lines his style reigns in uniqueness.