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Into The Void - Dubrowski - Limited Edition Vinyl


Into The Void (Original Mix)
Into The Void (Nik Allen Remix)
Into The Void (Hashi & Moto Remix)
Into The Void (Noise Floor Remix)
Into The Void (Four-Sided Circles Remix)


  • Artist : Dubrowski
  • Label : Art Of Zvuk
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresAcidDub TechnoHouse
  • Pressing200 Copies


With a debut album brewing in the studio, Dubrowski enters the scene with a hardware fueled piece "Into The Void". Atmospheric pads wash over a chill beat with synth stabs. This time backed with a remix by San Francisco's Nik Allen and top three winners of the remix competition hosted on MetaPop.
Hashi & Moto take Into The Void for a spin with a house approach. Lush synth pads and stabs fueled by a rhythmic bass line. Noise Floor turned the track into a full on techno banger with an acid twist. Four-Sided Circles took a more experimental approach with a darker electronica feel. Lots of delays and reverbs wash over the different elements of the remix.

Nik Allen is a mysterious figure. He is a San Francisco based producer focused on pushing a refreshing, future sound.

Noise Floor has been producing music for 5 years but only the last 2 as Noise Floor. His musical journey began with the sound of the UK rave scene from the early 90’s. It was here he began to enjoy and follow the more techy sound which led him down the techno rabbit hole.

Mironov Alexey (Four-Sided Circles) started his musical career in 2010. In 2013 he released his first full-length album, which has sold all kinds of charts, among which Beatport "Must Hear Tracks of Week" and DJ MAG Russia. His music is low-tempo mixture of acid techno, dub, ambient & glitch.

Hashi & Moto are two music lovers and vinyl junkies, who got in touch with the house & techno sound beginning of the 90s. By mid 90s they started DJing with their sets ranging anywhere from funk, soul, disco, jazz, afro, but you would always feel that special “underground” touch. 2016 marked the beginning of production/remixing phase for Hashi & Moto when they coincidentally discovered Metapop's remix plattform, in 2017 Hashi & Moto successfully participated in 5 remix competitions and their first remixes were released on the Metapop label as well as launching their own label “Betrag X”, which they definitely want to continue in the near future. It's a great pleasure for Hashi & Moto to join Dubrowski's remix project these days since it's a dual premiere for the two of them: their first acid house remix and the first vinyl release.