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Attack of the giant purple lobsters - Washington Dead Cats - Limited Edition Vinyl


Face A
Attack of the giant purple lobsters
Washington Dead Cats
Face B
A black cat bone and a heart of stone
Washington Dead Cats
Everybody wants to be a cat
Washington Dead Cats



The new vinyl limited edition single from the "Washington Dead Cats"

The A side is the song "Attack of the giant purple lobsters" an alternative mix (from the album) between garage rock, punkabilly & the soundtrack from a 60's Sci-Fi movie from the album "Attack of the GPL " to be released ithe 29th of march. It sound like the B 52's meeting the Cramps in a graveyard surrounded by the Brian Setzer Orchestra Horn section.
The B side is an unreleased song the swinging cover of "Everybody wants to ba a cat" from the Walt Disney movie "The aristocats" and a slow song in a kind of "fever" mood "A black cat bone and a heart of stone"
The record cover has been designed by Mat Firehair the W.D.C singer.

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