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Knockout - Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band - Numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Dr Ska
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Rebell Yell
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Back in Town
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Ridim Fire
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Ska Mouth
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
No Skylarking
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Who Goes There
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Reggae Skins
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Welcome To My Ska World
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Good Time Ska
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Boot Boy
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Knock Out
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
GIve Thanks
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
Skin Deep
Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band



50 years ago, Skinhead Moonstomp, Longshot Kick De Bucket & Liquidator smashed into the British Charts!The year was 1969. Immediately prior to this was the TV premier of Desmond Dekker's "Israelites" released late ’68 and, eventually topping the UK Singles Chart in April of ‘69. This introduced the UK to a new style of music it had not heard before. Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae have infectious rhythms which really got under the skin of the young working class people in the multicultural communities throughout the UK and into Europe. Out of this came “Skinheads”: a sub-culture that aligned itself with that of the Jamaican Rude Boys. Both Cultures share the love of the music we call Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae... and they have been united ever since.A decade later, a Coventry Band called The Specials arrived on the scene in ‘79 with new sound called “2 Tone”, which was also the name of the iconic record label that was Jerry Dammers’ vision.This “2nd wave” of Ska turned the UK black and white, sweeping the charts right through to the early 80's by mixing Jamaican Ska Anthems with Punk rock (the latter having been very popular in the late 70’s). The 2 Tone Record label became the launch pad for a number of successful UK bands such as The Selecter, Madness and The Beat... with other mainstream Ska bands such as Bad Manners contributing to a scene that had never seen before in the UK, and has never been repeated since.Ska music may have left the mainstream towards the mid 80’s, but it never went away. Throughout the 90's and beyond, many Ska Bands were popping up in Europe and America as well a rival tours with Original Jamaican Artists such as Dennis Alcapone, Toots & The Maytals and of course the 2 Tone Bands still carrying the torch. All of the above is the background to what is currently coming onto the scene... Brace yourselves ‘cos here comes the 21st Century Skinheads and Rudies with a new swagger and attitude! We’re swinging it back to the original Boss and Trojan sound of the early 70's... The cool, authentic style that we all love and adore. This time around, the artists are on Strictly Rockers Records, based in Bristol.Strictly Rockers have gone from strength to strength, combining original boss Trojan sounds with a modern sound through their own original material... This 21st Century Ska sound has spread like wildfire on social media sites, receiving international recognition without the help of any major backers or traditional PR routes.The material has cut through with the authentic Trojan vibe, it's has heralded the label's name to the 4 corners of world.The Song Reggae Skins is the new national anthem of the 21st Century Rude Boy Skinhead scene. Written by “Ya Freshness” (Godfrey Green), it gets heavy rotation wherever it's played.This tune has helped “Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band” secure their album launch at the legendary 2 Tone Village, home of the Famous Coventry based Record Label that launched The Specials ,The Selecter, Madness, The Beat and others. Ya Freshness has just finished his debut Album ''Knockout '' due for release March 31 2018 and is rehearsing with the Big Boss Band in readiness for their UK tour ing this year. Ya Freshness has an original vibe. It a Fresh !! Rude boy Style bringing Jamaican laidback cool Rap !! adopted by the GrandFather of Ska Mr laurel Aitken, Green also admits he has always been inspired by Neville Staple of the Specials. Ya Freshness has British Punky edge to his voice that makes him stand out from the crowd, its is unique Ya Freshness is complemented by a variety of well seasoned session musicians.


Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band comprises: Ya Freshness - Vocals with Doctar Ska backing Vocals, Adam Harvey - Bassist Colin Roche Drums- Giles Higgins - Lead Guitar Tom Higgins – Rhythm Guitar Paul Scoplin - Hammond Organ Martyn Harries - Trumpet Bob Chapman Trombone .Also featuring on the Strictly Rockers Record Label are some talented, upcoming artists including Adam E and Jeri Sumner, both of whom have albums ready to be released. Godfrey’s ambitions for Strictly Rockers Records is to be the new 2 Tone label / Motown label and he leading by example with the smasher “Reggae Skins” available on 7 inch vinyl and on the new album.So keep your ears open for Ya Freshness & the Big Boss Band... Coming Soon.