Part One
    Electric Eye
    6 am
    Electric Eye
    Morning Light
    Electric Eye
    All of This Has Happened Before and Will Happen Again
    Electric Eye
    Mercury Rise
    Electric Eye
    Desert Sand
    Electric Eye
    Electric Eye
    Electric Eye
    Electric Eye
    Electric Eye

    • Artist : Electric Eye
    • Label : Jansen Records
    • Format : 2 x 12" (140g)
    • Country : Norway
    • Genres : Garage RockPsychedelic RockRock
    • Pressing : 200 Copies

    January, 2015: A new year’s hurricane is ravaging Bergen. Its aftermath rips and tears into the Western Norwegian town for a week. In Broen Studio, where Electric Eye are plugged in, the walls constantly shake from lightning, thunder, violent downpours and wind. It probably isn’t a coincidence that “Different Sun”, album number two from the quartet, is a record full of fickle and dramatic energy. It’s veritably crackling from fuzz guitars and psychedelic organs. Electric Eye have definitely landed. In the eye of the hurricane.

    Right after the release of «Different Sun», Electric Eye filled Blå in Oslo to the brim, and since both the band and the audience were so pleased with the concert, it will now also be made available to those who weren’t there. So the concert won’t be a myth anymore, now everyone can say that they «were there». Come with us into the eye of the hurricane, up to the stage and into the sphere.

    Reviews of «Different Sun»:

    ★★★★★ “A massive sound colossus…Foreign countries have already developed a taste for Electric Eye, now Norway too must discover them!” – Dagbladet (http://www.dagbladet.no/2016/02/05/kultur/musikk/anmeldelser/electric_eye/bergen/42980814/)

    ★★★★★ “«Different Sun» is a hugely satisfactory record to lose yourself in.” – Bergens Tidende (http://www.bt.no/kultur/musikk/anmeldelser/Psykedelisk-suksess-3541149.html)

    ★★★★★ “Different Sun are living proof that the album format still excites, and its thrills are far more than the individual songs” – Klassekampen ★★★★★ “Perfect creators of a psychedelic atmosphere” – Haugesunds Avis

    ★★★★★ “The country’s best spaceship.” – Gaffa (http://gaffa.no/anmeldelse/103511) 8/10 ”A mighty listening treat” – Musikknyheter.no (http://www.musikknyheter.no/anmeldelser/14922/Electric-Eye.html) 8/10 ”An album that gives an immediate gain and a possibility of going much deeper.” – Nymusikkhverdag (http://nymusikkhverdag.net/anmeldelse-electric-eye-different-sun/ )

    ★★★★★ ” There’s a growth in the Norwegian psych-rock fauna. Bergen’s Electric Eye here deliver their seemingly not very difficult second album.” – Deichman.no (http://blogg.deichman.no/musikk/2016/02/03/platemeldelse-electric-eye-different-sun/)

    ★★★★ ”komplekse kompositioner drager lytteren ind i et hinsides univers.” – Bands of Tomorrow DK http://bandsoftomorrow.com/electric-eye-different-sun/ International 8/10 “charismatic statement of psychedelic musicianship” – Classic Rock Magazine

    http://www.thefourohfive.com/music/review/electric-eye-by-larm-05-03-16-145 ★★★★ “an astounding modern day classic that slots the band at the top of the list of groups really worth bothering with.” – Raw Meat (http://wearerawmeat.com/posts/electric-eye-different-sun )

    ★★★★ ”Open your eyes and welcome Norway’s finest band since, erm, a-ha. Great stuff.” – MusicOHM (http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/electric-eye-different-sun)

    ★★★★ ”Electric Eye’s ability to create vivid imagery in your mind is impressive and enthralling.” – CultureFly ( http://culturefly.co.uk/electric-eye-different-sun-review/ ) 8/10 “Different Sun, it still manages to sound bang up to date and ought to put Electric Eye firmly in the big league.” – God Is In The TV (http://www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk/2016/02/05/electric-eye-different-sun-jansen-plateproduksjon/) “With blistering guitars that ring with reverb, it’s an enlightening journey that spans the shifting sands of desert rock, the swirling seas of psychedelia and the stony surfaces of classic rock.” - Louder Than War ( http://louderthanwar.com/electric-eye-different-sun-album-review/ ) “An album of aural highs and lows, rich and majestic Different Sun is a journey into space and time and it’s taking you along for the ride.” – XS Noize (http://www.xsnoize.com/electric-eye/ )

    ★★★ ”Norwegian psychedelica with a thwack of thunder” – The Irish Times (http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/electric-eye-different-sun-norwegian-psychedelica-with-a-thwack-of-thunder-1.2521200) “A more outward looking approach, along with a more intense and inclusive sound, have resulted in a fully-fledged Electric Eye capable of creating progressive, visionary, cinematic soundscapes that fuel the senses, sate the imagination, and linger long on the mind.” – Subba-cultcha.com (http://www.subba-cultcha.com/reviews/1424)

    Electric Eye
    Groove-psych-space-dronerock from Bergen, Norway